Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1251: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 19)

Thanks to them taking baron and adding in Ye Qian Hun’s explosive damage, the winner of the game was clear.

They ended it with a score of 12-0, pushing down the enemy base.

Although it was different from last time and they had less kills, it was still a complete sweep and a handsome victory!

Three minutes later, the door to VIP room B opened and Ye Qian Hun walked in against the light with his hands in his pockets.

She turned and looked at him, feeling that he was that dazzling.  It completely suited his title as the nation’s strongest ADC!

“God qian, you weren’t like you at the baron!”  Fatty looked at him with a happy look and teased, “Normally you wouldn’t be the first one in if there isn’t a jungler or a support!  If you don’t take care of the enemy ADC immediately, you would just be giving them a kill.

Ye Qian Hun raised his brow and looked at Luo Qing Chen with a bit of a proud look before saying, “There’s no other way, mid lane already sent themself in, so I can only go in as well.”

Actually, the facts were that he couldn’t stand seeing their mid laner being bullied.

Although it was impulsive, it had to be done.

“Ah?”  Fatty looked stunned.

“What?”  Sacrificing Gods looked at him with a look of disbelief, “God Qian, I really can’t believe that such words were said by such a stable ADC like you!”

“Ke, ke.”  Fatty couldn’t help coughing before saying, “What is this situation!  A powerful couple going in together?”

“Pu.”  Luo Qing Chen gave an innocent shrug, “I went in to take the baron, alright!”

Anyone who played league understood the importance of baron!

“That, the competition is over!  Let’s go on stage to take our photos!”   When they were chatting, the person in charge of the competition came over.

Fatty couldn’t take it and directly charged forward to grab his collar, “You dare play tricks on this fat master!”

“Calm…..Calm down……”  The person who was picked up by fatty was terrified, as he said in a trembling voice, “It…..It really doesn’t concern me!  You…..Don’t hit me!”

“Forget it, fatty……”  Sacrificing Gods waved his hand, “This clearly came from above, there’s no meaning if you make it hard for him.”

“Right, right, right, right, right.”  That person saw that someone was helping him, so he immediately nodded along.

“Forget about the pictures!”  Ye Qian Zi’s eyes were a bit cold as he said, “Our mid laner doesn’t like taking pictures.”


“This your sister.”  Fatty pushed out and let go of his collar, “Send us the prize properly or I will definitely expose you this time.”

That person’s face turned white out of fear of fatty, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…..”

It had to be said, You Yu Lin’s group really were shameless.  They were already standing on stage with wide smiles for a small competition like this, they acted like they had already won the game.

Especially…..He Miao Ling.

She was posing showing her thighs and giving kisses one after another, people really thought that she was making an XX film!

Simply!  Too!  Eye!  Piercing!

“Ai, we’re already standing here, let them stand behind us.”  He Miao Ling saw that they came out of the room and said to You Yu Lin beside her, “Otherwise they’ll steal our spotlight.”

“The problem is that they are the winners.”  Little Beast came online.

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