Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1248: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 16)

Time passed very quickly and the competition was even smoother.

The four finalists were: W, Blazing Flame, Ultraman, and CC!

In the semi finals, W and CC faced off while Blazing Flame faced Ultraman.

It had to be said, since You Yu Lin invited the Koreans, their team’s record was quite good.

Other than their first loss, they had all won by large margins in the later games and even became second in the final points rankings.

CC’s team wasn’t that strong, but their bottom lane combination was rather powerful.

But when they met Ye Qian Hun, they couldn’t fight back at all.  They could only watch as their enemy steadily took the minions.

Twenty four minutes into the game, W took the baron and directly took the enemy’s base.

Blazing Flame and Ultraman’s game was closer.  They played for fifty minutes and they won in the end because of the Korean jungler stealing towers.

The teams for the finals appeared on the forums: W versus Blazing Flame.

Fatty sitting in front of the computer laughed as he said, “I never imagined this!  This team that was completely wrecked by us could actually make it to the finals!”

“There are many lower tier teams in the internet cafe competition, so this is normal.”  Sacrificing Gods played with his silver hair as he said, “We are just participating in a few because we’re bored, we’re mainly focused on the provincial tournament in the later half of the year.”

“Sacrificing Gods is right, you don’t need to care that much about practicing.”  Ye Qian Hun looked at the screen and said, “But the finals will be in the Soaring Flame Internet Cafe tomorrow, so you should remember to bring your own equipment.”


Luo Qing Chen woke up early the next day.

Because she had to disguise herself, after all, she didn’t want that scum couple to see through her identity.

Black hat, black mask, black coat, and black scarf!

Other than those clear as water eyes, everything else was tightly wrapped up.

As a result, no one on the team other than Ye Qian Hun could recognize her.

“Classmate Luo, are you planning on robbing someone?”  Fatty carefully looked at her for a few seconds before he couldn’t help breaking out in laughter.

Ye Qian Hun gave her a deep look before he said, “The competition is about to begin, let’s go in!”

The Soaring Flame Internet Cafe had set aside two VIP rooms for the competition, one for each team.  It was to make it easier to communicate and to stop the enemy team from hearing your strategies.

You Yu Lin’s team was already in room A and left room B for them.  This was understandable, but when Luo Qing Chen discovered something after trying to turn on the computer five minutes later.

This computer wouldn’t turn on at all.

“I can’t turn it on either.”  Fatty knit his brows and angrily said, “Damn, are you messing with this fat master!  Server, come over here for your father!”

“Does this player need help?”

“I can’t turn on your damn computer, how can I play?”

“It can’t be, this computer was working fine yesterday!”  The server looked around like he was acting before saying, “How about this, the game is about the start.  You can have two people find computers in the lobby to play.  I’ll set up a voice call for you later, it’ll be the same.”

“Same your sister!  I……”

The fatty raised his fist and was waving it around.

“Forget it, fatty.”  Ye Qian Hun narrowed his eyes as a slight chill appeared in them, “Forever and I will go out, you three will stay in here.”

After all, the ADC and support needed to be together to communicate, therefore Ye Qian Hun decided to bring the support out with him.

“Just follow what god Qian said!”  Luo Qing Chen’s right fingers tapped on the table, “We’ll use the voice call.”

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