Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1245: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 13)

[Notification] Player Small Bear has withdrawn from the team.

“Go if you want!”  He Miao Ling gave a shrug, looking like she didn’t care at all.  After all, there was a sense of superiority like it wasn’t her problem at all in her heart!

“Jade Tree, although I want to go with you, to be honest, you know the problem better than us.”  There was another boy’s voice that came from YY, this voice was rather more mature.

As soon as that voice fell, there was another ‘ding’ sound as that person also left YY.

Then came——

[Notification] Player Loving You Without Discussion has withdrawn from the team.

Suddenly, the YY room fell silent.

There was only the mid laner Small Beast that said, “How about we find Floating in the World……”

After all, they were both mid laners, although he could only be a substitute because of Luo Qing Chen.

He knew that with Luo Qing Chen’s strength, he couldn’t compare to her mechanics or knowledge at all.

“Is there something wrong with you, get her back?”  He Miao Ling immediately jumped up when the words Floating in the World were said.  She screamed out like a rooster in YY, “That shameless girl, I’ll leave if she comes back!”

“I wanted her to come back and to have you leave……”  Small Beast directly added.

“You!”  He Miao Ling couldn’t help swearing, “No one wants trash like you!”

“He Miao Ling!”

There was an angry roar that made the YY call fall silent.

This voice came from You Yu Lin, He Miao Ling never thought that he would talk to her this loudly.

“Wu, wu, wu…..What are you so fierce for!”  He Miao Ling went from her arrogant appearance to a shy appearance, completely losing her rage from earlier.

“Do you still want to play in the competition?”  Hearing her voice, You Yu Lin couldn’t keep being this fierce.

After all, the saying went that the little white flower would always make men stand by her side.

“Of course I want to play……”  She pursed her lips and said, “I still want to buy the newest LV bag!”


“Nothing……”  He Miao Ling immediately said, “I meant that I always want to be your support, your exclusive support.”

When this cute voice sounded in his ear, this man wouldn’t be able to resist.

“Small Beast, how about this, we’ll find a new top laner and jungler!”  He thought about it before saying, “Anyway, those two people indeed weren’t good enough.”

“Then the competition……”  Small Beast was a bit worried, after all, he had been with this team for a long time.

Whether it was emotions or attachment, they were different.

“It doesn’t matter, I know the owner of the Soaring Flame Internet Cafe, it won’t matter if we change members.”  You Yu Lin let out a long sigh, “As for Miao Ling, I will let her train.  There are many well known teams in the qualifiers this time, we can’t take this lightly.”

Although You Yu Lin was still speaking up for He Miao Ling, he was very clear in his heart that He Miao Ling’s skills were just too bad…...

But for He Miao Ling, the fun of playing games was one, liking the feeling of being surrounded by men and two, she liked the competition rewards!

On the other side, Luo Qing Chen’s Team W played a total of five games today and each game ended before twenty five minutes.

They crushed every game since all five of them had top notch skills, so it wasn’t strange.

After dinner, Ye Qian Hun drove her home and the two didn’t talk at all on the way back.

When the car reached her front door, he suddenly asked, “Dust Floating in the World?”

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