Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1244: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 12)

In the end, the game lasted twenty four minutes.  The W Team that Luo Qing Chen was on had taken Burning Flame’s base.

The score was 38:0.

Un, this internet cafe finalist, W Team completely crushed Blazing Flame, not even giving them a chance to breathe.

They had zero kills.

The MVP for Team W was: Only Play Support Without Explaining!

After all, with her score of 13-0-15, there was no resistance from the enemies at all.

The people watching the game all expressed their views on the forums!

The post read: “W completely shuts out Blazing Flame, the win was too beautiful!”

Ran Ran Likes Eating Watermelon: Damn!  Blazing Flame shouldn’t have been beaten like this!

I Eat Watermelons: ε=(?д?`*)??.....It has to be said, the support really is trash!

Stars in the Night: The mid laner also isn’t that good, I really miss the old Blazing Flame!

W’s Little Angel: Actually, it should be that W was too strong!

Withered Leaves on the Ground: +1 to the above post.  W is too strong, fan of god Qian, fan of the new mid laner!  (Inner OS: Can the new mid laner change their name? (ー_ー)!!)


After the first match was over, fatty Chen turned on the comments.  He muttered, “They said that Blazing Flame had a mid laner called Floating in the World!”

Luo Qing Chen’s heart skipped a beat and she raised the final tone of her words, “Is that~so?”

“Relax, relax, their Floating in the World is a cute girl, how could it be related to a young master like you?”  Fatty teased on the side before patting her shoulder with a simple smile, “You look quite shy, do you have any girls at home?”

Luo Qing Chen rolled her eyes at him, “You look shy, your entire neighbourhood is shy!”

At the same time, there was some conflict between the members of ‘Blazing Flame’.

Although they only lost one game to W, it wasn’t like they had no choice.  There were many teams participating in this competition, the four teams with the highest scores would make it into the semi finals.

“Jade Tree, if our tree always has this support, we won’t be able to win.”  There was a man’s voice that came from YY, it was the jungler of Blazing Flame.

It was clear that He Miao Ling’s noobiness had reached a point where the team couldn’t take it anymore.

After all, they were completely stomped by W, they were beaten to the point where they doubted themselves!

“What is wrong with you, you fed quite a bit yourself, you really are good at laying blame!”  He Miao Ling responded in a very unhappy voice.

After all, in her eyes, there was nothing wrong with her playing!

In her eyes, the only job of the support was to use all her skills in the team fight!

After all, she was the support and couldn’t deal damage!

“What a joke?  I really don’t know how someone like you plays the game, any random person is better than you, alright?”  The other side was clearly very angry, spouting out a bunch of angry words.

“You say that like you did well, I don’t have any damage!  My damage can’t compare to my baby!”  He Miao Ling was a bit unwilling to show weakness and relied on You Yu Lin’s protection to not show any weakness.


“What are you arguing about!”  You Yu Lin finally couldn’t take it and exploded, “What’s special about you?  Don’t you know what kind of skills you have?”

“Alright, alright, alright, you take care of it then!  Father isn’t as blind as you, I’m done!”

With a ‘ding” sound, the other side left the call.

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