Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1241: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 9)

The biggest difference between internet cafe tournaments and provincial tournaments was that internet cafe tournaments were held by the internet cafes, while the provincial tournaments were official tournaments.

The official tournaments were not things you could participate in just because you had a team and a dream.  It depended on their wins in competitions in the last year and their personal KDAs.

After all, there were few spots and many teams.

“Internet cafe tournaments were our focus in the first half of the year, but we’ll be preparing for provincial tournaments in the next half.”  Ye Qian Hun raised his glass and looked at everyone, “Does anyone have any questions?”

“God Qian, our team’s jungler is…...Sacrificing Gods?”  Bai Yong lit a cigarette and casually asked this, but it completely seemed to deviate from the main topic.

Luo Qing Chen clearly didn’t know this name Sacrificing Gods, since the previous host didn’t care about celebrities at all.

The main point was: she had an empty head!

“Yes.”  Ye Qian Hun slightly narrowed his deep, dark eyes as he replied to Bai Yong’s question.

Bai Yong revealed a deep look in his eyes before putting out the cigarette, “Being able to compete with such a strong team, it really is my honour.”


When she came home that night, the ‘empty minded’ Luo Qing Chen went to check Team W on the web.

This team was established two years ago, the captain was Half World Held Soul and the vice captain was Death God Priest, but the fans called him Sacrificing Gods since they didn’t know his real name.

It was said that he had dueled Half World Held Soul and they would always kill each other at the same time, they both had amazing skills!

As for the top laner fatty Chen, he was a very pressure resistant top lanner.  It was said that he could fight one person, hold on against two, and he would hide under the tower against three!

The main heroes he played were team fighting and protective heroes, which were more commonly referred to as tanks!

Luo Qing Chen also checked out Bai Yong, but she didn’t find any relative information.  But when she typed the world Forever into the search bar with Bai Yong, there was a post.

“Caesar=Forever=Bai Yong?”

Luo Qing Chen knit her brows.  She quickly typed the name Caeser into the search bar and there were plenty of posts that appeared.

Caesar was the three times online league winner known as the best ADC, but the team he played for was called Q.

Team Q was a team that specialized in online games, there was no offline meeting, so no one knew what Caesar looked like or what gender he was.

When Team Q were about to win the championship for the fourth time, the dark horse Team W appeared.  Team W’s ADC at that time was Ye Qian Hun.

“Ah, there’s a bit too much information!”  She read a bit of information about them and she felt her head ache…..

But the simple way to put it was that Team W was strong!  Very strong!  Powerful!

The next morning, she wore a Supreme red sweater and simple ripped jeans, heading to the meeting place Ye Qian Hun had set yesterday.

In the eyes of e-sports players, this was called a training base!

Team W’s training base wasn’t far from the stadium and their equipment was very complete.

Ye Qian Hun handed her a ‘competition schedule’.  Their first stop was the ‘Soaring Flame Internet Cafe’.

This name was very fresh in Luo Qing Chen’s mind.  She remembered that the previous host had worked hard to practice as a support to help You Yu Lin.

The previous host had been happy at that time.  She received the confession of her ‘male god’, she thought that she would live a happy life.

But reality gave her a fierce slap…...

After all, male gods were only in heaven, there were only scumbags on earth.

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