His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 124 - Persuasion

The Ninth Prince took a hit for Sheng Peiyin in order to protect her when the Jin people attacked. He suffered a serious injury. Had Qi Zheng not come in time, even if he hadn’t died due to blood loss, he probably would’ve died due to the pain.

When He Chen walked in, the military doctor was changing medicine for the Ninth Prince. Besides the servants serving upon him in the room, no one else was there.

“Ninth Sir,” He Chen greeted. He was used to addressing the Ninth Prince as the Ninth Sir and he was unable to change the address for a moment.

The Ninth Prince didn’t care. He endured the pain and smiled. “Eldest Master He, please have a seat.”

The military doctor tied a knot on the gauze and respectfully reminded, “Ninth Prince, please be sure to not touch water. This official will come and change the gauze again tomorrow.”

After the careful reminder, the military doctor left.

The servant helped the Ninth Prince lean against the pillow and then retreated under his gaze.

“Eldest Master He, is there something you need?” If they were in the capital, the Ninth Prince would never have lowered his status to be polite towards a merchant. However, he had gotten some experiences and tempered himself since leaving the capital two years ago. He knew that he was basically useless if not for his status. Therefore, he lost his arrogance and his condescending manner.  

He Chen coughed lightly. “Ninth Prince, how is your injury?”

“I didn’t injure my vital parts. I won’t die.” Ninth Prince laughed bitterly. “I barely got my life back.”

“Why must you do this?” He Chen asked. In Minyue, he was quite familiar with the Ninth Prince. He knew that the latter would even sacrifice himself for Sheng Peiyin.

He didn’t understand how Sheng Peiyin was worthy of the Ninth Prince.

The Ninth Prince knew what He Chen was asking. He faintly smiled in response. Everyone was stubborn in their own way. Just like how he had gotten Sheng Peiyin in Jinxiu Courtyard. Ever since, he was drawn towards her.

“Ninth Prince, I actually want to ask you if you told anyone else that we’re transporting rice to the northwest.” He Chen asked.

They didn’t mean for the Ninth Prince to find out that they were transporting rice. But He Chen thought that with Ninth Prince’s status, it should be fine. Who knew that this actually happened?

It wasn’t that he was suspicious of the Ninth Prince colluding with the Jin people but after going over all the people that knew about this, he was least sure about the Ninth Prince.

“You think that I’m colluding with Jin people?” The Ninth Prince knitted his brows.

His face subconsciously darkened. Though he was just an idle prince, he was definitely loyal towards Dazhou. After all, this country belonged to his ancestors. How could he possibly betray his ancestor?

He Chen hurriedly said, “That’s not what I mean. I’m just asking.”

“You’re suspicious of this prince? Why not be suspicious of your own people?” The Ninth Prince couldn’t help but state angrily.

“Ninth Prince, I only have two of my men left. The rest died.” He Chen suppressed the sorrow inside his heart and responded hoarsely.

As for the others that knew, they went by waterway. They didn’t know about their itinerary at all so how could they possibly be colluding with Jin people?

The Ninth Prince froze. If it weren’t for him...He Chen’s people might not have to die.

He awkwardly tugged the corner of his lips.

He Chen stood up and stared at the Ninth Prince, saying deeply, “I won’t be disturbing the Ninth Prince from resting.”

The Ninth Prince opened his mouth but he was unable to say anything.

After He Chen left, Sheng Peiyin walked in carrying a tray of chicken soup while smiling at the Ninth Prince. “Ninth Sir, how do you feel? Does your injury still hurt?”

Sheng Peiyin asked while walking over, ladling a bowl of chicken soup and sitting by the bed, staring at the Ninth Prince in concern.

“I’m okay. Where did you go?” The Ninth Prince asked.

“I went to cook soup for you.” Sheng Peiyin smiled and fed the Ninth Prince. “You saved me and in turn, you bled a lot. Ninth Sir, please don’t do this for me in the future.”

The Ninth Prince glanced at her passionately. “How can I bear to let you get hurt?”

Sheng Peiyin lowered her head bashfully.

“Peiyin, there’s something I want to ask you.” The Ninth Prince pushed her hand away and this was the first time he revealed a serious expression towards Sheng Peiyin.

“What?” She asked.

The Ninth Prince hesitated. He had hidden the fact that the caravan was transporting rice to the northwest. But he had told her after their intense love making session. Though he told her not to say anything, but...anything could happen.

“Have you told anyone else about the caravan transporting rice?” The Ninth Prince asked softly.

Sheng Peiyin froze, not saying anything for a while. Just as the Ninth Prince thought she was angry, she asked, “You think I leaked the news?”

“Yin’er, I was just asking.” The Ninth Prince said.

“You’re just doubting me. You think that I leaked the news and let the Jin people attack us.” Sheng Peiyin became teary-eyed and glanced at him hurtfully.

“Yin’er…” The Ninth Prince reached over to grab her.

Sheng Peiyin shook his hands off of her and placed the porcelain bowl on the table firmly, running out while weeping.

The Ninth Prince’s heart tightened and he hurriedly struggled to get up and chase after her. Who knew that he just stood up when the scene ahead of him turned blank. He felt dizzy and then he stumbled back on his bed, causing him to tug the injury on his back, making his body twitch due to pain.

“Yin’er…” He called out in pain.

“Ninth Royal Uncle, are you okay?” The crown prince hurried inside upon hearing the Ninth Prince’s groan. He watched as he laid on the bed, unable to stand up. He rushed in large strides and helped him sit up.

The moment the Ninth Prince saw His Highness crown prince, he endured the intense pain from his back and tried to act like he was fine. “I’m fine, I’m fine. It was just an accident.”

His Highness crown prince knitted his brows and shook his head. He saw Sheng Peiyin just leaving the place. She must have to do with the Ninth Prince’s current situation.

“Ninth Royal Uncle, you should just let father emperor know if you don’t like the marriage he bestowed to you. Why bother leaving the capital all these years? You almost…” The crown prince sighed. “I think you should think some more if you want to marry Sheng Peiyin.”

Sheng Peiyin’s personality...His Highness crown prince really didn’t want that woman to become a member of the royal family.

The Ninth Prince laughed bitterly. “Your Highness, why are you saying this?”

“You probably don’t know yet but Sheng Peiyin had used the elite assassins from your residence to attempt an asssaination on Shen Ziqiao…” The crown prince spoke of Sheng Peiyin’s ruthlessness in simple manner.

The Ninth Prince was indeed unaware of it because he wasn’t in the capital at that time. Before he left, he told the people in his residence that Sheng Peiyin’s orders were his orders.

He never expected for Sheng Peiyin to try to kill Shen Ziqiao.

“What did Shen Ziqiao do to hurt her?” The Ninth Prince hurriedly asked. The woman he loved was determined and kind. There was no way she’d go about killing someone hastily. Something must’ve been wrong.

The crown prince knew that the Ninth Prince loved Sheng Peiyin deeply and obviously wouldn’t believe that she was sinister. “Ninth Royal Uncle, stop being blinded by her. Jiao Jiao only saved the little imperial grandson which caused Sheng Peiyin to hate her. A woman like her isn’t worthy of you to save her.”

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