Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1236: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 4)

In the end, You Yu Lin decided to make a clean break with the previous host.  Not only did he kick her off the team, he even didn’t give her the reward from the last few competitions.

He Miao Ling took back her support position and played with You Yu Lin in small competitions.  There were wins and losses, but their feelings were developed.

The pitiful previous host had suddenly become alone.  She had done many things for You Yu Lin, but You Yu Lin didn’t know.

The mid laner and support were different.  The mid laner dealt damage based on the other side’s carry while the support always had to stay with the ADC.

Putting down vision, controlling the dragon, and doing everything to protect your ADC.

The previous host was a very active mid laner, so she had spent quite a bit of time to become a protective support.

Not only did she stay up late to practice champions, she used her few gold coins to buy support heroes and runes.

She had given up all her dreams as a mid laner and her favourite roles as a mid laner.

But she never thought that this person would turn out to be a scumbag.

The previous host put all her attention into the game and played three days and nights without eating, drinking, or sleeping.  Her body finally couldn’t take it and her brain went GG!

[It took quite a bit of time for the host to go through the memories this time!]

Un, this is an online gaming world, it’s good to think a bit longer.

She looked around and looked at her clean room before looking at League of Legends on her computer screen, seriously thinking for a long time.

[System notification: Because of the specialty of this world, the host will receive League of Legend skills (skill level equal to the previous host).]

Got it!  But there’s still something that I am very confused about…..The male lead…...

[The host can take a look at the next city wide League of Legend tournament.]

Luo Qing Chen was about to walk to the computer when she suddenly thought of something.  She went to the kitchen to pour herself some water first.

Thinking of how the previous host had died because she had played for three days straight, her head did feel a bit painful.

She called a family bucket and washed up, changing into pyjamas.  Only then did Luo Qing Chen sit down in front of her computer again.

In the memories of the previous host, she came from a one parent family.  Her father had left long ago and her mother worked abroad all year around, so she was brought up by her grandmother.

Old people slept rather early and the soundproofing of her room was good, so she didn’t know what she was doing.

But the previous host’s computer was quite good.  In her memories, she learned that this was a computer configured with high end parts with her prize money.

Whether it was the monitor, the processor, the graphics card, or the hard drive, they were all the best on the market.

The price of this set definitely wasn’t low, it was enough to show the previous host’s love for playing League of Legends competitively.

Luo Qing Chen followed the instructions the system gave her and found all the city’s League of Legends tournaments.

There was a sign up portion and there were teams that were missing players.

She was attracted by a big red icon and there was only a single English letter written on it: W!

The team captain’s name was: Half World Held Soul.

This name was this familiar, it could have only appeared in the bronze mirror.

Luo Qing Chen opened the recruitment post and looked at the rules.

1. Only mid laners or supports.

2. Has to be in the top twenty of the country’s Challenger rankings.

3. Can’t be a girl.


When she saw the third line, Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help cursing in her heart!

Discriminating against women in e-sports, that really was too much!

Although she was very unwilling, she still made a very bold move!

Cut her hair and buy men’s clothing!

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