Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1235: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 3)

This was an online registration event, so the preliminary rounds were only played online.

Only at the finals did one have to go to a place called the “Soaring Flame Internet Cafe” to sit down and play.

It could only be said that the previous host really was too strong.  She played assassin mid laners and crushed the enemy team.  Once she reached level six, she took the enemy’s life with a QWER flash and ignite combo.

But their path to victory was still bad.  After all, they were always fighting four against give, oh, no…..It should be four against six.

He Miao Ling’s most common phrase was——

“Why am I dead!”  (The previous host’s inner OS: Why don’t you know why you’re dead?)

“Damn, how can the enemy jungler instant kill me?”  (The previous host’s inner OS: Nonsense!  The other side is much more fed than you!)

“Why is the other side’s ADC’s (marksman) damage so high!”  (The previous host’s inner OS: You’ve fed them seven kills, can it be low?)


Although the previous host never said this, it was clear that You Yu Lin obviously couldn’t take it anymore.  In the semifinals, they had already lost two matches of the best of five.

Even if the previous host was a super god, it was impossible to carry this game with this pit!

Because this was a team game!

In the end, You Yu Lin had He Miao Ling go down in team chat and the original mid laner came back.

The previous host knew that this team had a mid laner, but he wasn’t feeling well during the first part of the competition, so he hadn’t been a part of it with them.

Later, he became their substitute.

“But I can’t play support.”  The substitute mid laner said in voice chat.

You Yu Lin thought about it before saying, “Dust Floating in the World, be my support!”

The previous host was surprised before typing a single word, “Alright.”

With the cancer on their team, they had caught up, going up to three and winning the semi finals.

The previous host had never said a single word in the voice chat, so everyone thought that she was a big boss.

But when the day of the competition at the internet cafe came, they found that she was a great beauty.

A very silent great beauty that looked very gentle, but she could kill everyone in the competition.

On the competition stage, it was like You Yu Lin was possessed by the ‘Sand Emperor’.  After the previous host changed for He Miao Ling, he dealt an explosive amount of damage with his two followers.

The substitute mid laner did decently, not doing anything too amazing, but he didn’t do too poorly.

In the end, they had won 3-0, taking the finals and receiving the five thousand reward.

The reward was split six ways, He Miao Ling righteously said she put in the most work.

Everyone treated her as a little girl and ignored her, but You Yu Lin confessed to the previous host at the celebration party that night.

Although You Yu Lin had always taken care of He Miao Ling and chased her, she liked having various men chase after her and didn’t choose a single one.

She always remained ambiguous and never gave an answer.

When the previous host appeared, You Yu Lin changed to a new target.  In the end, the previous host agreed.

After all, there would always be a special spark between ADCs and supports.

“I will protect you, you kill them!’  How beautiful of a phrase that was!

It was a pity that these good times didn’t last long.  The previous host was rather introverted, so she didn’t like to do anything other than playing games.

But You Yu Lin was already in university.  He went to KTV and bars all day, he was in a different world from the previous host.

Then over time, He Miao Ling went from being passive to attacking, taking You Yu Lin’s heart.

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