Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1234: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 2)

After seriously going over the previous host’s memories, Luo Qing Chen’s thoughts were: Very bad.

When the previous host was fifteen years old, she was encouraged by her classmates to play a game during summer vacation.

The name was: League of Legends.

The previous host’s classmates were ‘I Am a Great God’ and ‘The Previous Host Was a Little Cabbage’ wanted to show off their skills.

But they never thought that after three rounds, the previous host would find her talent for playing this game.

Moreover, she was very talented.

For games, especially in e-sports, people with talent could reach the peak.

Even if normal people worked hard, they would only be able to excel.

The previous host’s classmates never thought that just after three games, she would go from a noob to a carry.  She brought her classmates all the way up.

In the end, in just half a month, the previous host used Annie (a mage champion) to reach the top of Challenger.

Of course, she only carried her classmates to Diamond.

After all, a single hole could ruin an entire game.

The ranks in League of Legend were: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and finally Challenger.

There were pits in every rank and there was plenty of flaming, but the previous host never responded.

Until she played a game while she was bored, meeting the supporting male lead You Yu Lin and the supporting female lead He Miao Ling.

You Yu Lin was Challenger and He Miao Ling was only Diamond.

At the beginning of the game, He Miao Ling typed into the chat.

[Team] Exquisite Beauty: I am support, the male god will carry me!

[Team] King of Racing: Ai!  It’s a girl!  Big brother will carry you!

[Team] Jade Tree Facing the Wind: Can you shut up, are you not embarrassed trying to pick up girls with your creep score?

[Team] King of Racing: You are a Challenger, you are good!


The previous host didn’t participate in their chat at all, that was until the score became 5:21.

Exquisite Beauty: 0-10-2

King of Racing: 0-7-0

Jade Tree Facing the Wind: 2-2-0

Dust Floating in the World: 3-0-0

Unknown passerby: 0-2-0


Using the tab key, one could tell by the score that this match couldn’t be won at all.

The previous host had been playing Leblanc and with the large gap in equipment, she was a bit helpless.

At this time, He Miao Ling started the surrender vote and spoke in the team chat.

[Team] Exquisite Beauty: Ying, ying, ying, you are all noobs, Challengers can’t even carry a Diamond!

The previous host knit her brows and directly chose to deny this vote.  She was already 8-0-0 at this time.

In the end, because of the previous host’s side lane pressure, the previous host took care of the two carries (DPS) with a QWRE combo and won the game.

From beginning to end, the previous host never said a word and silently exited the game.

She never thought that at this time, she would receive a friend request from the supporting male lead You Yu Lin.  The previous host denied this, but then the friend request came again and there was a message to it.

[Are you interested in signing up for an Internet Cafe League?  The prize is five thousand and we’re missing a mid laner.]

Seeing the prize of five thousand, the previous host hesitated.

After all, she was still a student, so she didn’t have any financial means and didn’t have much free time.  She didn’t have the time to grind for runes and stuff.

This reward was quite important for her.

The previous host thought for less than three seconds before accepting You Yu Lin’s friend request.

They formed a team called ‘Blazing Flame’ and naturally that team included He Miao Ling who dragged at their feet.

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