Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1231: Old dreams, recalling Long Peace City (Part 1)

I came to Long Peace City unintentionally, but your appearance made me feel that the best thing in Long Peace City was meeting you.  ——Chu Xi Mo

From the beginning of my memories, I was an orphan.

The seas were my home, there really wasn’t much else to say.

But it was a good thing that I met a group of brothers and among them was Ji Yu.

In the beginning, we weren’t pirates, we just robbed rich young masters who were drunk at night.

Those people had fat heads, they seemed simple minded and were quite disoriented.

We had no plans at first, but as more and more people came, we formed an organization.

Although Long Peace City had many rich people, it was dangerous since it was at the feet of the emperor.

So our goals turned to the sea.

Every time robbing an official ship was playing a game with our lives, but I was never afraid.

It was because there was a very wonderful feeling in my heart that victory belonged to me.

Until that one time my whereabouts had been leaked to Long Peace City, almost dying under the blades of the soldiers.

I met a person at that time.

She lived in an inn and casually ordered a few dishes, using an amount that normal people could live several months off of.

I guessed that she was someone from the court.

But I never expected that she was the sixth king’s daughter and I never thought that she would drop me.

At that moment, I felt that I was just that small.

The sea emperor, in front of those nobles, I was just a pirate.

I told myself many times that I can’t owe favours to nobles and if there was a chance, I would repay it.

That chance didn’t come quickly, it came just right.

When I met her again, there was her fiance standing beside her.

When I saw how he acted like a young master, I couldn’t help laughing at him.  He left his wife here as a hostage, he really wasn’t a good man.

Of course, I didn’t reveal it myself.

When I returned to Blood Blue Island, I revealed myself.

I made a meal after not making one for a long time and she remembered who I was.

Even if I thought it was impossible for her fiance to come save her, I never thought of hurting her.

If she wanted to return, I would send her back.  If she wanted to stay, I wouldn’t…..stop her.

But Lin Ruo Jing didn’t come back and she didn’t plan on staying.  Although I was a bit unhappy, it didn’t make me sad.

I gave her a firework in response to her saving my life and she accepted it.

But I never thought that less than three days after this was given, we would meet again.

I vaguely remember the large waves on the sea and her holding the pipa.  She didn’t hesitate at all in the wind and rain, she just sang a breathtaking song.

What mesmerized me the most was: Remembering the vows of another life, being speechless while speaking.  Hating not knowing each other.

At that moment, I felt that she was singing that song for me, telling me about our past lives.

She remembered and I forgot.

For the first time, there was a strange throbbing in my heart.

For the first time, I wanted to understand a girl.

For the first time, I felt my heart beating fast.

I felt that she had changed.  When she was on the island before, she always mentioned her fiance, but now she never mentioned him once.

I guessed that she probably learned something after returning to Long Peace City.

But no matter what, I liked how she had changed.

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