Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1229: Sea emperor: Lifting up the hostage princess (Part 40)

There was a “gedeng” sound.  Before she even finished, as soon as she said this, Luo Qing Chen dislocated her wrist.

“What is so noisy in front?”  Chu Xi Mo had a faint smile in his eyes as he looked at eunuch Liu on the side and asked this.

“It should be some harem girls who came out!”  Eunuch Liu was a bit nervous.  When he was planning on heading over to ‘clear the obstacles’, Chu Xi Mo looked at him, “This one will go!”

On the other side, Luo Qing Chen coldly looked at Tao Ying Er in front of her and released her right hand, “Always saying servant, servant, you really think you’re the master of the harem!”

“Dog servant, when I become the master of the harem in the future, your family will be executed to nine generations!”  Tao Ying Er tightly gritted her teeth as her face was covered in rage.

At this time, Chu Xi Mo slowly came forward and there was a slightly deep tone in his nice voice, “Does the nine generations include this one?”


Everyone was shocked and quickly fell to the ground.  Tao Ying Er, who had dislocated her arm also knelt down, but she looked at Chu Xi Mo with tearful eyes, “Emperor, please make a decision for this poor girl!  This servant…..”

Eunuch Liu heard this and quickly came forward to throw out a heavy slap, “How bold, daring to call the empress a servant!  Do you know that is a death crime, one punishable by execution of nine generations!”

“Si.”  Everyone instantly took a cold breath.

Tao Ying Er looked at Luo Qing Chen in disbelief as her face turned pale.  Her lips even couldn’t help trembling.

“I’ve heard that these people are the emperor’s new harem girls?”  Luo Qing Chen crossed her arms and looked at Chu Xi Mo with her full aura, “Your eyes really aren’t that good!”

“I…...No…..This girl…...was blind……”

“Harem girls?”  Chu Xi Mo completely ignored Tao Ying Er and lovingly patted Luo Qing Chen’s head, “Aren’t they palace maids?”

Everyone was shocked by Chu Xi Mo’s words, including Luo Qing Chen.

His eyes were as deep as the sea as he looked at her and there was a smile that was hard to hide.  It was like everything was a part of his plan and all under his control.

Eunuch Liu quickly said, “Yes, yes, yes, these maids don’t understand anything!”

“Send them all to the laundry room!”  Chu Xi Mo gently stroked Luo Qing Chen’s face, but his eyes were incomparably cold as he looked at Tao Ying Er’s group, “If anyone feels that this punishment is too heavy and wants to involve your family members, we can follow the nation’s laws.  Who should die and who should be executed to nine generations won’t be let off.”

As soon as his voice fell, he took her hand and headed towards the Gilded Pavilion.

While walking, she turned to him and asked, “This is your plan?”

Without knowing why, she felt that he had a great plan against her and everyone was blind to this plan.

“This…..”  He didn’t directly answer her, he just asked back with a faint smile, “How do you feel about Su Cheng?”

“Scholarly, full of knowledge, and talented…..”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes, “It’s just in terms of strength…...he is a bit weak!”

Chu Xi Mo revealed a faint smile as if he was very satisfied with Luo Qing Chen’s answer.  He continued, “Handling stately affairs isn’t about fighting wars, there’s no problem if he has no martial skills!”

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