Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1224: Sea emperor: Lifting up the hostage princess (Part 35)

Lin Ruo Jing was pressed down on the ground and his heart was filled with panic.  He began trembling as he shouted to He Hong Jie, “Prime minister He, save me…...Save me!”

Prime minister He narrowed his eyes and completely ignored Lin Ruo Jing’s request.  With a wave of his right hand, he moved towards his sedan.

When he entered the sedan, Su Yuan’s words came from behind him.

“All things in this world have set fates.  The past hatreds haven’t been not repaid, it just isn’t time yet.”

“Ah!”  As soon as this voice fell, there was Lin Ruo Jing’s pitiful cry that came from behind.

He never thought that the one who would be executed would actually be him…...


Inside the royal palace, the emperor and empress were in the hall waiting for Su Yuan’s arrival.

That naturally also included Luo Qing Chen’s good sister, Chu Jun Ting.

“When is big brother coming!”

“I heard that big brother is super handsome, is it true that he used to be a pirate that robbed the rich for the poor?”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, royal father, do you think that big brother will still remember me!”

“......”  The emperor lovingly patted her head, but he didn’t forget to roll his eyes at her, “Your big brother was lost when he was born, do you think that he would remember you?”

“That Su Yuan is really something.  In order to trap prime minister He, he had my child suffer that much!”  There were tears in the empress’ eyes and she bit her lip as she said, “That child should have had a rich life without any worries, but…..But……”

The more she spoke, the more choked up she became.  After all, mothers in this world all cared about their children.

Not to mention the empress that had only given birth to two children…...

“Aiya.”  Seeing the empress cry, the emperor wiped the tears from her face with a pained look on his, “You, just wait until our son sees you later, he’ll really laugh at this……”

“Reporting to the emperor, the crown prince is here.”  Eunuch Liu’s voice sounded and the three of them all looked at the entrance.

The figure in the distance slowly moved towards them.  Chu Xi Mo was wearing a dark gold robe that had many colourful sashes hanging from it, as well as many stones inlaid into it.  He had purple satin shoes and there was a golden crown inlaid to his hair.

Looking like this, the aura of the pirate had disappeared and it gave people a feeling that showed he was the crown prince.

He slightly knit his brows and there was a dark glow in his deep eyes.  He kneeled down according to court courtesy and said, “Greetings to the emperor, greetings to the empress.”

“Quickly…..Quickly get up.”  The empress came forward to take his hand, “Raise your head, let…..let mother take a look.”

The empress used ‘mother’ and not ‘this one’.

If Chu Xi Mo’s heart didn’t tremble at this moment, it would be fake.

He looked up and a gentle figure was reflected in his eyes.  He thought that he would never find the two closest person to him, but he never thought that they would be the most powerful people in the royal palace.

Although the emperor didn’t come over, his wrinkled fingertips couldn’t help trembling when he saw him.

His perfect features, that high nose, and those slightly curled lips, it looked just like him when he was younger.

It had to be said that his genes were strong, even if there wasn’t the dragon birthmark.

Just with a single look, he could tell that this person in front of him was his son.

In the future, he would be the only master of the world!

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