Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1223: Sea emperor: Lifting up the hostage princess (Part 34)

“What…..What does this mean?”  Lin Ruo Jing clearly couldn’t accept the ending in front of him.

Didn’t they say he would be executed?  Didn’t they say he would be beheaded?

Why did the lord prime minister and the lord imperial censor come?  How did Chu Xi Mo who had been locked up in chains strangely break free!

“Prime minister He hasn’t said anything, what is there for you?”  Su Yuan’s sharp eyes glared at Lin Ruo Jing, scaring him into breaking out in a cold sweat.

Su Yuan was a famous person who was beside the emperor, he as a person without any official titles didn’t dare make a mistake in front of him.

“Ke, ke.”  Prime minister He looked at Lin Ruo Jing with a gaze that could ‘turn iron into steel’ before turning to Su Yuan, “Sir Su, if you are familiar with this pirate, you can let him go.  But you should at least greet me first.  Everyone is watching right now, it isn’t easy to just let him go.”

He Hong Jie naturally knew that he was a fatty with a swollen face right now.  His heart was like an ant in a hot pot, but he didn’t show it on the surface at all.

After all, in a duel between experts, it only took a single thought.

“Prime minister He, I’m afraid you didn’t hear what this old man said just now, right!”  Su Yuan crossed his hands and looked at He Hong Jie in front of him, “Whether he is freed or not isn’t something you can decide!”

Everyone looked at Su Yuan with a confused look, He Hong Jie quickly gave a wink to Lin Ruo Jing at this time.

Lin Ruo Jing immediately understood, “Lord Su is probably exceeding his authority on this.  After all, the one who caught this group of pirates…..is me!”

“Of course.”  Su Yuan stroked his beard before saying, “This ‘credit’ is something you can’t avoid, but the crown prince must decide in the end.”

“Crown…...Crown prince…..”  Lin Ruo Jing didn’t reat, not knowing who the crown prince Su Yuan mentioned was at all.

After all, everyone in Long Peace City knew that the emperor only had a daughter, it was a daughter that he deeply loved.

As for the words crown prince, that had never been heard before.

Su Yuan gave He Hong Jie a deep look before turning to Chu Xi Mo.

Everyone present immediately turned stiff at that moment.

Su Yuan took out an imperial edict and raised it above his head.  After all, everyone kneeled down and kowtowed their heads on the ground, “We welcome the crown prince back!”

Luo Qing Chen was stunned.  When she turned over, she met his dark as ink eyes.

At that moment, those dark eyes suddenly had a glow to them.

He revealed a faint smile as he seriously took her hand, “Are you prepared to go from a princess to the crown princess?”

Lin Ruo Jing who had been standing on the side in a daze was suddenly stimulated and he wildly shouted out, “Is there something wrong with you all!  Crown prince?  He is a pirate, alright?  I say, sir imperial censor, are you getting confused at your old age?”

He didn’t believe that all that a pirate would be a crown prince, alright?

Stop joking, alright?  Then he, Lin Ruo Jing would be the king of the heavens!

“Insulting the imperial edict and slandering the crown prince.  According to the law, you will be executed by ten thousand cuts and your family will be exterminated down to nine generations!”  Su Yuan’s cold eyes looked over the empty square, “Since the executioner’s hands are already covered in alcohol, how about we don’t waste it!”

As soon as his voice fell, the people behind Su Yuan charged forward and pressed him to the ground, “Don’t move!”

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