Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1218: Sea emperor: Lifting up the hostage princess (Part 29)

It was probably too hard to imagine a princess who had been pampered since she was young to say something like this.

“Let’s go, I’ll protect you……”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips as a faint mist appeared in her eyes.  It was like she couldn’t see what Chu Xi Mo wanted to do.

With her identity, if she asked the sixth king for help, she couldn’t definitely protect him!  Why was there a need to come here to bleed and get hurt!

After a while, he looked up and her figure was reflected in his dark eyes.

He looked down a bit and his cool lips softly pressed down on her forehead.  Even after bleeding so much, his voice was gentle as he slowly said, “I don’t want others to see you as the pirate’s wife……”

Even if he was willing to come this far, this was the reason why he could endure being insulted by Lin Ruo Jing and gritting his teeth.

He had been the emperor of the sea, with a honourable identity, robbing the rich for the poor.

But now he wanted to be a normal commoner, that way he could at least not be that far away from her who was a princess.

He wasn’t willing to let anyone say anything bad about her, in his heart…..he wanted to proudly stand by her side.

He didn’t believe Su Yuan’s words before, but he hoped they were true…..

“Pirate?  Wife?”  Luo Qing Chen’s eyes trembled before a determined look appeared in them, “I like you, Chu Xi Mo.  Whether you are a pirate or a commoner, whether you are good or evil, I will like you!”

He suddenly trembled when he heard this as his eyes were filled with emotion.

Was she confessing to him?  So gentle…...

“Fool.”  Chu Xi Mo looked at her as his cool as water voice sounded, “Believe me.”

“Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa.”  There was the sound of clapping that came from the door.

Lin Ruo Jing was wearing a red and green robe with a jade green fan in his hand.  He was waving it like a rich young master, while having a spirit that didn’t belong to one.

He seemed very out of place, like a monkey wrapped up in tiger skin acting like a tiger.

“Lin Ruo Jing, for you to come in and out of the Great Truth Temple like this, I wonder what official rank you have?”  Luo Qing Chen suddenly turned and tightly held the Moon Glass Fan in her hand.  She stood in front of Chu Xi Mo and looked at him with a face covered in hostility.”

“Ze, ze, ze.”  Lin Ruo Jing gave a shrug before giving two dark laughs, “The princess is joking, I’m doing things on behalf of prime minister He, I have his personal token.”

He suddenly felt jealous when he saw Luo Qing Chen.  This girl was clearly supposed to be his wife, but she was dirtied by a pirate that everyone spurned.

She used to say that she loved him, but now he felt disgusted thinking about it.

But everything changed in this world.  He thought that his path into government would end after being chased out of the sixth king’s manor.

But everyone had their path.  The heavens gave him a good chance to work for the one that was below one and above all others.

“Prime minister He’s jurisdiction shouldn’t include the Great Truth Temple, right!”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes as she released a chill.

Not killing this Lin Ruo Jing before really left the consequences.

“Princess Luo.”  Lin Ruo Jing gritted his teeth as he looked at her, “Although you are the sixth king’s daughter, you should know that trespassing in the Great Truth Temple and taking the prisoners is a crime punishable by execution of nine generations!”

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