Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1215: Sea emperor: Lifting up the hostage princess (Part 26)

With a ‘xiu’ sound, the arrow pierced right into Ji Yu’s body.

Chu Xi Mo raised his right hand and grabbed the two arrows that followed.

At that moment, Qing Wei was frozen in place with dumbfoundedness.

Ji Yu used his last bit of strength to raise his hands, only then did she charge forward.

“Qing Wei, Qing Wei, Qing Wei…..”  He called out without any sound, but when she took him in her arms, his lips curled.

“You…...What are you doing!  I…...Even if you do this, I won’t…...won’t like you!  You……”  Seeing Ji Yu who was covered in blood, her words were a bit incoherent.

At that moment, the figure of Ji Yu who she had ignored for many years suddenly appeared in front of her.

Each scene like broken fragments flashed in front of her eyes.


“Qing Wei, I found a big crab when I was out on the sea today.  I know that you like eating crab, so I went out to catch a few for you.”

She had looked at the blood at Ji Yu’s waist and coldly said, “Take it away, I won’t compliment you even if you do this.”


“Qing Wei, are you in a bad mood?  Do you see this small straw doll I made for you, isn’t it cute!”

She looked at his bloody fingers and said without a trace of emotion, “It truly is ugly, don’t be so naive in the future.”


“Qing Wei, this is the conch that the sea suddenly pushed in front of me.”

“I don’t want it.”  She waved her hand in disgust and pushed away the conch in Ji Yu’s hands, “Can you not do such naive things, we are pirates!  Our mission is to rob the rich to help the poor, we’re not going out to sea to hunt conches, alright?”


“It’s…..It’s fine.”  Ji Yu slightly raised his hand and seeing her panicked appearance, he said, “I like…..I like you, that’s enough.”

For Ji Yu was a kind of luxury, her not liking him was something natural.

“You…..Stop speaking.”  Qing Wei shook her head.  Only at that minute did she knew that some people were this good to her and it was impossible for her to repay it in this life.

“You…..You have to be well in the future.  I might…..not be able to be with you.”  Ji Yu spat out a large mouthful of blood.  He weakly looked at her and said, “Fool…..Don’t love if you can’t receive love in the future.”

His hand suddenly felt to the ground and his eyes unwillingly closed.

Qing Wei, Qing Wei, Qing Wei…...

He wouldn’t be able to see his favourite Qing Wei again in this life…...

“Hong long!”  There was a boom of thunder in the air and Chu Xi Mo looked down before saying in a mutter, “Brother, be assured.  I will let all of them be buried with you!”

As soon as his voice fell, he tightly clenched his blood soaked sword and chopped at Lin Ruo Jing through all the countless arrows.

Lin Ruo Jing thought that he had won, so he arrogantly stood in the front.

Chu Xi Mo’s sword went to his throat and everyone held their breath,

“You…..You, you, you, you…..Don’t mess around……”  Lin Ruo Jing’s legs suddenly turned soft in fear and he said in a trembling voice, “I…..I am the lord prime minister’s……”

“I’ll only say it once and you best listen well.”  There was a cold look in Chu Xi Mo’s eyes as he looked at him, “I want to see Su Yuan.”

“Su…..Su…..Su Yuan?”

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