Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1214: Sea emperor: Lifting up the hostage princess (Part 25)

Not only did uncle Liu believe this, even Qing Wei believed this.

The waves were calm tonight and the visibility on the sea was very high, they found the official ship as soon as they approached.

Qing Wei was the same as usual, but she slowly moved back when they were about to rob the official ship.

The official ship was robbed, but they were surrounded.

The ones that were responsible for this were Qing Wei and uncle Liu.

“Catch them all, don’t let a single one escape!”  The one who said this was Lin Ruo Jing.

He recommended himself to the prime minister He Hong Jie, on the condition that he would catch the pirates that had terrorized the Blood Blue Seas for this long.

He Hong Jie had been feeling a headache from Su Yuan’s matters, so if he could take down the pirate organization, he would be able to take the credit.

After a bloody fight, not one put down their swords to surrender.

From night to day, from the sea to the short.

Even if Chu Xi Mo was the sea god, facing this planned blockade and numbers that were several times his own, he couldn’t do a thing.

At this time, Qing Wei came to his side and said, “Emperor, do you still believe that girl?  It was her who informed them.  If you use her to threaten the sixth king, we might still survive!”

She never wanted to hurt Chu Xi Mo, since Chu Xi Mo was a god in her mind.

The reason she did all this was to let Luo Qing Chen die!

Even if she didn’t die, she didn’t want him to be by her side.

“Ha, ha!”  His cold eyes slowly looked up and his right hand wiped the blood on his face, “She never came to begin with.”


It was like Qing Wei had been struck by lightning at that moment.

Wasn’t her name on the list?  How could she possibly…...How could she possibly not be here?

Chu Xi Mo heard this and gave a cold snort.  Although he was covered in blood, his lips curled into an evil charming smile, “How could I be willing to let her take such risks?”

Just these words made Qing Wei’s plans completely collapse.

She had two plans.  If Luo Qing Chen didn’t come out, she would let a large group of imperial soldiers storm Blood Blue Island.

If she did come to sea, she could encourage Chu Xi Mo to use Luo Qing Chen as a hostage to exchange to everyone’s safety.

After all, she was the sixth king’s daughter.

But she didn’t harm Luo Qing Chen, rather…...she had harmed her own brothers and sisters.

“Emperor?  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”  Lin Ruo Jing’s laughter filled the air.

He looked at him with a gaze filled with hatred and contempt, “You are already turtles trapped in a jar, you can’t escape.  I suggest you obediently surrender, otherwise I will have all you dirty pirates die here today!”

“If you want my life, you have to see if you can take it!”  Chu Xi Mo narrowed his cold eyes and his slender fingers picked up an arrow from the ground.

With just one hand and one arrow, he threw it in Lin Ruo Jing’s direction and it landed firmly in his arm.

“All of you fire and kill him for me!”  Lin Ruo Jing roared in a voice filled with rage and pain, “This group of beasts without parents would die sooner or later, don’t let a single one off for me!”

The sky was filled with arrows that flew at them in an instant.

Qing Wei wasn’t paying attention and there was an arrow already aimed at a fatal part of her.

She already couldn’t dodge.

At the moment of life and death, a young figure appeared in front of her…...

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