Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1205: Sea emperor: Lifting up the hostage princess (Part 16)

Chu Xi Mo looked at Ji Yu in front of him with deep eyes that were filled with a sparkle, “Are you tired of living?”

Just those five short words were filled with majesty.  It was like there was a lion shaking the clouds, looking down on everyone in front of him.

“Emperor, she first……”  Qing Wei stood up holding her chest and looked at Chu Xi Mo as she said, “She was the one who first…..”

She felt a little uneasy in her heart, not daring to look directly in Chu Xi Mo’s eyes.  Because she knew that if she looked into his eyes, she couldn’t keep lying to him.

“Ze, ze, ze.”  Luo Qing Chen said with a soft laugh, “So what if I made a move first?”

Ji Yu never expected Luo Qing Chen to admit this so easily, even in front of Chu Xi Mo.

He knew who moved first, but…...he couldn’t accept Qing Wei being bullied by others.

“Emperor.”  Ji Yu tightly knit his brows as he looked at Chu Xi Mo, “This girl is the sixth king’s daughter and now she’s even attacked…..even attacked…..Qing Wei, we should……”

This was Ji Yu’s first time lying in his life, it was for Qing Wei.

But when he lied…..it really was too strange.  Not to mention that he looked down, he even stammered when he spoke.  One could see through him with one glance.

Luo Qing Chen thought that Chu Xi Mo would say something that would fit her reasoning.

For example——

“This is Blood Blue Island and young miss Luo is a guest, how can she attack you for no reason?”

Or perhaps——

“Ji Yu, we’ve known each other for so many years, can you raise your head when you speak?”


“Although they don’t agree, you can’t just infer from the surface.’


“If your skills aren’t good enough, you should keep practicing so that a little girl can’t beat you.”

But Luo Qing Chen never thought that Chu Xi Mo would say something she would never expect.

“She is right, so what if she attacked first?”

At that moment, the five people present including Luo Qing Chen were stunned by Chu Xi Mo’s words.

No one thought that he would say these words as the leader of a pirate band or as the emperor of the sea.

No matter what, he wouldn’t protect a woman he had only met twice.

Not to mention Qing Wei, even Ji Yu didn’t believe it.

“Emperor……”  Qing Wei suddenly looked up, wanting to say something, but when she saw Chu Xi Mo taking Luo Qing Chen’s hand without another word, she suddenly swallowed the words that came to her mouth.

Ji Yu trembled and immediately kneeled down, “Emperor, it was my fault for discriminating and almost hurting miss Luo.  Please punish me alone!”

In the end, he still wanted to protect Qing Wei.

Qing Wei, Qing Wei, Qing Wei.

He hoped that Qing Wei would forever belong to him alone.

It was a pity that the girl named Qing Wei never belonged to him for even a second.

Chu Xi Mo turned over to see her eyes before saying, “Your move just now, it was almost perfect.”

Luo Qing Chen had been surprised, but then she reacted.  The things that happened between her and Qing Wei, he had from the beginning…..

Been watching her?!

Her lips curled into a faint smile as she looked into his deep eyes, “Your hero saving the beauty timing really is not bad.”

The conversation between them was like a match.

But he tightly held her hand without letting go.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 40%.]

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