His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 120 - He's Here

Shen Ziqiao was startled awake by the shriek outside.

Hong Ying originally slept by her feet. After she startled awake, she hurriedly opened the carriage window and glanced outside. She watched as the dark mountain in the distance suddenly caught fire and lit up. She watched as the Jin people wearing animal skin and holding daggers mounted on horses and surrounded them.

The bodyguards brought by He Chen unsheathed their weapons and looked nervously at the Jin people.

Everyone seemed very calm on the surface but they were in fact really nervous.

Jin people were ruthless. Even the bodyguards doing dangerous work didn’t dare to fight the Jin people head on. Who knew that they’d be surrounded by them tonight.

The Ninth Prince and Sheng Peiyin stood in the center fearlessly.

Shen Ziqiao rolled her eyes. These two idiots. They were defenseless so stop staying there and being in the way of people. It wasn’t like they could kill anyone. People were going to end up having to waste efforts to protect them too.

The leader of the Jin people were talking to He Chen. Shen Ziqiao couldn’t hear clearly. The general idea was for He Chen to bring out the rice otherwise they’d kill them all.

How did the Jin people know they were transporting rice?

They even hid it from Sheng Peiyin and the Ninth Prince. How did the Jin people know?

To the public, they announced that He Family was doing business with the northwest while Pan Lize and Shen Ziqiao came to visit Shen Zikai. They were coincidentally going the same way. The entire way there, He Chen had been the one arranging the itinerary and whatnot. No one knew that He Chen was in fact transporting rice to the northwest with Pan Lize.

Plus, they even transported in batches. Besides their batch, two other processions transported rice through the waterway. It was much faster than transporting on land. They’ve probably reached the military camp already.

So someone leaked their whereabouts to the Jin people?

While Shen Ziqiao was hesitating, He Chen and the Jin people had already come to an agreement. They’d give him the rice in exchange for their safety.

The Ninth Prince exclaimed angrily upon hearing He Chen agreeing to the Jin people’s request, “How can we just give Dazhou’s rice to these Jin thieves? Even if we fight to death, we can’t submit to them.”

Couldn’t this idiot tell that He Chen was delaying time? Shen Ziqiao really wanted to curse the Ninth Prince.

He Chen said with a dark face, “As long as we’re still alive, we can make a comeback in the future. Ninth Prince, it’s more important that we live right now.”

“This prince isn’t afraid of death.” The Ninth Prince said loudly.

The leader of the Jin people sneered. “I see the Dazhou’s prince is here too, ah. People, go ahead. Snatch Dazhou’s rice and women.”

Shen Ziqiao cursed the Ninth Prince out countless times again.

“Third Miss, what should we do?” Hong Ying glanced nervously at Shen Ziqiao. She thought that no matter what happened later on, she’d protect the Third Miss even with her last breath.

“If there’s really no other way...let’s take advantage of the chaos and mount the horses and escape later on.” Shen Ziqiao hadn’t encountered this situation before. She had no idea what to do either. Besides finding a way to escape, she didn’t know what else to do.

Only moronic people would think about facing the Jin people head on.

She heard He Chen say loudly, ‘You guys just want rice. If we really fight, we may not lose to you guys. A hundred meters from here is Gaonan City. General Shen will quickly come to pick us up. Do you want the two armies to fight? What are the chances of you guys winning?”

The leader of the Jin people started to hesitate. He motioned for his people to stop. That’s right. They came for the rice. If there was no need, they obviously didn’t want the attention of Dazhou’s soldiers.

“Bring the horse carriages carrying rice over.” The leader of the Jin people announced.

Before He Chen could say anything, the Ninth Prince exclaimed, “You bastard thieves. Not only did you invade my Dazhou’s territory, you also hurt my people. Now, you even want to steal our rice. Don’t think about it. Brothers, as Dazhou’s peoples, we will never submit.”

Submit, your sister!

Shen Ziqiao wanted to spit on this moronic bastard!

Being provoked by the Ninth Prince again, the Jin people’s leader ordered his subordinates to break through the circle formed by the horse carriages.

The scene quickly became chaotic.

Pan Lize quickly found Shen Ziqiao’s horse carriage. In an anxious voice, “Jiao Jiao, quickly escape while the Jin people haven’t noticed you yet. Go ahead. That’s where Gaonan City is. Your elder brother is inside the city.”

“Third uncle, let’s go together.” Shen Ziqiao called out. How could she leave her third uncle and escape on her own?

It was unclear when He Chen had come over. He held a longsword in his hands. Though he was a businessman, he learned martial arts when he was young. Though he couldn’t compare to Shen Zikai’s skills, he had no issues protecting himself.

He looked at Shen Ziqiao, his gaze passionate and bright. In a deep voice, “Go quickly! We can’t hold on here for long.”

Two Jin people charged over. He Chen got into a fierce battle with them.

“Get out of the carriage. Let’s ride the horses and charge out.” Shen Ziqiao said to Hong Ying. Riding the horse carriage was too slow and they’d catch a lot of attention too.

Shen Ziqiao and Hong Ying got out of the horse carriage to see the Ninth Prince supporting Sheng Peiyin while stumbling over. Glancing at the two idiots, Shen Ziqiao resisted her urge to punch them.

Though she controlled her action, she couldn’t control her mouth. Shen Ziqiao glanced at the messy-looking Ninth Prince and made a sarcastic comment, “Oh hey, didn’t the Ninth Prince want everyone to resist and fight against the common enemy? How come you didn’t go and fight the Jin people to death? Instead, you’re escaping. You don’t act like the hot-blooded and brave Dazhou’s prince at all.”

“You…” The Ninth Prince’s face flushed from anger. “Ignorant woman. What do you know?!”

On the other side, He Chen had killed the two Jin people and came over with two horses.

Shen Ziqiao spat in the Ninth Prince’s face. “Understand my ass! If you’re moronic, then don't go around dragging people down. Keep your mouth shut if you didn’t know that He Chen was trying to delay time. It’s one thing if you got dragged down but don’t drag others. You want to be a hero but instead, you force others to fight for you. This lady will remember how many people died and got hurt because of you tonight! If you don’t die now, I’ll remember this for the future!”

As the noble Ninth Prince, he was always spoiled and treated delicately. He had been praised wherever he went. When had he been cursed in the face by someone before?

His handsome face flushed and gradually turned purple but he couldn’t make out a single word.

He Chen walked over and held Shen Ziqiao’s hands. “Go quickly. The bodyguards can’t hang on for long.”

Sound of warcry became more and more intense. Many guards had been killed by the Jin people.

“Peiyin, go quickly!” The Ninth Prince saw the horse behind He Chen and helped Sheng Peiyin onto one while he was going to get on the other one.

He Chen pulled him down with a cold face. “Ninth Prince, you claimed that you’d resist against the Jin thieves so why are you escaping now?”

He Chen dragged the Ninth Prince, causing him to fall on the ground.

He Chen didn’t even look at him. He supported Shen Ziqiao’s waist and helped her onto the horse’s back. He stared at her and said, “Go, don’t look back!”

Shen Ziqiao shook her head and glanced at her third uncle, her eyes tearing up. “If I go, then what about you guys?”

Yes, she was afraid of death. But she didn’t have the heart to abandon her family for her own life. She couldn’t lead her third uncle or Hong Ying.

“Look at the time now! Don’t be unruly. Leave quickly!” He Chen shouted.

“Kill! I see Dazhou’s women there!” It was unclear when Jin people charged over. When they saw Shen Ziqiao and Sheng Peiyin, their eyes glowed in excitement.

The Ninth Prince hurriedly climbed onto Sheng Peiyin’s horse. “Go!”

What bastard prince! Shen Ziqiao spurned and glared at their backs.

“Jiao Jiao, I will protect your uncle. Leave quickly!” He Chen hurriedly called Shen Ziqiao. He couldn’t let her land in the hands of the Jin people otherwise the consequences...he didn’t even dare to think about it.

Shen Ziqiao looked at him. She didn’t expect him to protect her.

“Help…” The Ninth Prince and Sheng Peiyin had escaped not too long ago and ran back. Their hose was gone and they bore wounds on themselves.

There were countless Jin people after them.

Sheng Peiyin shrieked, “There are Jin people outside. We can’t escape at all.”

Shen Ziqiao’s expression changed.

The Ninth Prince protected Sheng Peiyin and got slashed in the back by the Jin people.

His guards hurried over to protect them.

He Chen carried Shen Ziqiao off the horse back and they got in the horse carriage, attempting to charge out.

The bodyguards were no match against the Jin people and they were slowly losing. More and more Jin people surrounded them. The frenetic Jin people shouted crazily.

This was the second time Shen Ziqiao thought she was that close to death. She was really afraid. Despite being calm, she was still nervous and afraid on the inside.

At that time, Shen Ziqiao was chased by people. But Qi Zheng was at least by her side. She felt really safe. But today...she glanced at He Chen’s back but was thinking of Qi Zheng inside.

“Jiao Jiao…” Qi Zheng’s voice seemed to ring by her ears.

Oh no. She even started to hallucinate. If Qi Zheng was really here right now to save her, she’d immediately pounce over and marry him!

“Jiao Jiao! Jiao Jiao…”

“It’s Dazhou’s soldiers!” He Chen called out loud.

Shen Ziqiao froze. She thought the warcry was becoming more and more intense. She could even hear cheers.

“Dazhou’s soldiers are here to save us.” He Chen turned back to say to Shen Ziqiao, his tone happy.

Third uncle sighed in relief. “Thankfully.”

Shen Ziqiao pulled the carriage curtain to the side wanting to see who was actually here to save them.

There were torches lighting up the dark night. She could vaguely see a tall figure sitting on the horse’s back, attacking the Jin people with his bladed weapon. That figure was slowly approaching them.

It was Qi Zheng.

Even though she couldn’t see him, she knew it was him.

Shen Ziqiao’s heart jumped intensely. Her eyes became brighter as she intertwined her fingers together.

The Ninth Prince and Sheng Peiyin noticed Qi Zheng at the same time too.

Right now, Qi Zheng was like a deity descending from heaven, bringing them hope.

Sheng Peiyin stared at Qi Zheng approaching closer and closer, in a daze. She felt her heart burning in excitement.

“Jiao Jiao! Where are you?” Qi Zheng’s face turned dark, holding a long spear in his hands and eluding an icy cold aura.

“Qi...Qi Zheng!” Shen Ziqiao’s voice was a bit hoarse because of her nervousness. “I, I am here.”

He Chen lifted his head to look at Shen Ziqiao, noticing her sparkling eyes like the stars.

He followed her gaze.

He watched as a man wearing armor rolled down from the horse’s back and came over in large strides. Before they could speak, he already brought Shen Ziqiao into his arms.

He Chen felt as if he was stabbed by something in his heart.

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