Somehow, The Villainess Who Regressed in Time Lost Her Magic Power, so She Turned into a Secluded Maiden

Chapter 12

"It's delicious..."

What is this dish?

It didn't look appetizing. It was thick and looked like a soup, but also different.

Rachel felt like she would smile just by eating a bite.

Seeing that, Samuel relaxed, clearly relieved.

"This is called 'porridge'."

"Porridge? I never heard of it before. Where is it from?"

"...It's a dish from the East. Rice is the main dish in those countries."

"This is the first time I ate this, but I've heard about rice. It's the commoners who eat it, and they usually fry it or put it in soup, right?"

"Yes, that's mostly how they eat it here."

"And this one is different?"

The simple taste with saltiness and sweetness permeated Rachel's body. Before, she tried to eat bread dipped in soup. However, the soup was seasoned, making it hard for her to eat much of it.

However, this porridge only had a slight taste. Maybe that's why she could eat it.

"It's easier to season a porridge. Plus, it has more water than regular rice."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. I will increase the amount of rice depending on the amount of your diet so that your body can get used to it. In the future, I will also add fish, vegetables, and eggs. Since boiled vegetables are more digestible, I'm thinking of serving it as well."

Three days after Samuel came to the Marquis' residence, the head chef was skeptical of him creating this mysterious dish. However, the other cooks were intrigued by the unique seasonings and flavors.

According to Sarah, Samuel was a courteous man, completely different from his stern appearance. He even took the initiative in helping the servants who were in trouble.

Just like that, he soon adapted with everyone in the Marquis' residence.

The porridge was in a small amount, but Rachel finished eating it in no time.

"I think I can eat a little more."

"No, you're not used to eating the ingredients, so please eat it little by little. Also, it won't be good if you feel unwell because you eat too much."

"I guess so. Thank you, Samuel."

"Don't worry about it."

Rachel felt apologetic to the chefs who had done trial and error and prepared many kinds of meals for her, even though she ended up not eating everything.

"It's good that I can eat something happily."

"I believe that everyone can live well by knowing that they can eat delicious food," Samuel said, squinting his narrow eyes happily and smiled.

"Fufu, then I'll be looking forward to it."

"Yes. Then please excuse me. Feel free to tell me again if you need anything for me."

Rachel never thought about the importance of food. There were so many delicious dishes that she took for granted.

Unconsciously, she chuckled.

After all, my world is still too small.

Right now, Rachel's space was limited only in this room, but the world inside her was expanding more and more.

After Rachel finished reading another book, Sarah put a cup of tea on the desk.

"My Lady, your complexion had improved a lot."

"Yes. Samuel's cooking is truly mysterious! I become hungry every time it's mealtime."

"That's great."

Since then, the amount of food Rachel could eat had gradually increased. She could sit longer as well.

Going back and forth between the bed and the desk would still make her run out of breath, but she was considerably better.

"Speaking of which, it seems like His Highness is on his way from school to the mansion."

"Yes. He has been busy lately, so it's been two weeks since his last visit, right? He told me in the letter that he would go to another country to substitute for His Majesty."

"That's right. Don't you think His Highness also misses to see you, My Lady?"

"Huh? His Highness misses me?"

Rachel couldn't imagine it.

It's true that Louis started to make various expressions when he met her recently. But if anything, it's more like he was having fun teasing her.

However, Rachel had to thank him for sending Samuel to bring back her appetite.

Right. I need to thank him properly.

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