For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House

Chapter 12 - The Goddess Comes Uninvited (リア神のおしかけ)

The morning sunshine faintly entered through the window, making the dim room slightly brighter.

From outside the window, I could hear the chirping of the small birds.

In the midst of my drowsiness, I unconsciously moved my body, responding to the sounds I heard.


My pinky bumped the corner of the desk, making me writhe in pain.

Up until now, I never hurt myself when walking in my apartment... I guess having clothes scattered on the floor was safer in a sense.

I turned on the light of the room while enduring the pain.

"It's really clean now..."

It's like watching the before and after of a hoarding house. Remembering what happened yesterday made me feel deeply moved.

A beautiful girl came to my house, cleaned it, and studied with me.

It's something that definitely won't happen to me until now. If this is a dream, please wake me up already. ...Seriously.

I pinched my face as hard as I could.

"Ii rwiwwy hwu. (It really hurts.)"

On the mirror reflected my listless appearance with one side of my cheeks red. My face looked tired like I had no energy at all.

I washed my face and wiped my face with the tidily folded towel.

"She even did my laundry... when did she do it?"

Usually, most people wouldn't want to touch the wrinkled clothes that other people tossed to the ground once taken off. However, Wakamiya did everything with composure. As I developed a feeling of respect towards her, I was also convinced. This was why Wakamiya was so popular.

She was really perfect in everything, be it her personality, ability to take action, and capability.

"I have to say my thanks next time..."

I stretched my back and looked at the study tools on the desk.

"I don't want to do it, but I guess it won't hurt..."

Knock knock knock.

As if interrupting my thoughts, I heard the sound of knocking on the door. I glanced at the clock.

...9 AM. Maybe it's the newspaper salesman?

I scratched my head and opened the door.

"We don't need newspape——"

"Good morning, Tokiwagi-san. The weather is nice, isn't it?"

No way.

I rubbed my eyes and squinted.

"It looks like the doorbell is broken, so I knocked on the door. May I enter?"

I was about to fall in love with the smiling Wakamiya, but,

"Why are you here?"

I averted my eyes and asked that question to the Goddess who was standing straight in front of my door. No way, I never thought I would see her in casual clothes for two consecutive days...

I experienced the moment of bliss just by looking at her appearance in casual clothes... No, focus.

"I already told you I will come 'again'."

"Normally, no one will think that you're going to come today."

"It's normal for me," Wakamiya answered with a composed expression.

Certainly, the definition of 'normal' would vary from person to person. It would be meaningless to argue what was 'normal' here. By the way, it didn't mean I gave up because I didn't have the confidence to refute Wakamiya. I just didn't want to spend my energy on something wasteful... that was the reason I used to convince myself.

"I guess you're free?"

"To be frank, I‘m free."

"I see, so you're free."

"Yes. By the way, Tokiwagi-san. Haven't you been bitten by an insect? Your cheek is slightly red."

"Ahh, this is... don't worry about it."

I couldn't tell her. There's no way I could tell her that I pinched myself to check whether this was reality or not.

"Then I'll intrude. Have you had your breakfast yet?"

"No, I haven't. I don't have to eat breakfast anyway."

Usually, I ate jelly for breakfast. It only took ten seconds to eat it to charge my energy, very convenient.

"You have to eat breakfast, okay? It's the source of your power for the day, and skipping it will be bad for your health."

"Then I'll eat it later."

"It's already 9 o'clock. If you're delaying it, won't the breakfast become your lunch?"

"I guess so. Okay, I'll eat this."

I took out the dry bread from the emergency provisions I found yesterday.

The bread was crunchy and delicious. Just perfect for filling the stomach.

"Tokiwagi... san?"

"D-did I do something strange...?"

Wakamiya glared at me. She looked angry. I flinched at that glare.

However, Wakamiya was still elegant even when she was angry. This looked like something from a picture. As I thought about such a mundane thing, Wakamiya narrowed her eyes, staring at me with a piercing look.

"That's not a meal."

"But I don't have anything else I can eat here, you know?"

After cleaning my apartment yesterday, Wakamiya threw away most of the foods I couldn't eat anymore. The only thing left was this dry bread.

"Haa. I knew this would happen."

Wakamiya sighed and took out a container from her slightly larger tote bag.

"What's that?"

"Sandwiches. I made a lot, so please eat it."

"...Are you sure?"

"Yes, please eat as much as you want."

I gulped. My belly growled as if urging me to quickly eat it.

"Thanks. You've been a great help..."

"No, this is just me being a busybody."

"I see."

Forgetting my conscience, I tossed the sandwiches Wakamiya brought into my mouth. I smacked my lips at the as I enjoyed the various tastes of the sandwiches, unable to stop my hands until I finished eating all of it.

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