Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 12

Ah Jin ate and drank her fill.

She posted the evidence she had collected on the internet to the school forum.

The fish was hooked and could close the net.

In half a day, the post was pinned.

Ah Jin’s evidence included the real IP address of Li Xue's screen name, all of her previous actions, secretly egging on Xie Nan, who she called dumbass online.

Even though the crowd didn't know who the dumbass was, they could infer that the dumbass referred to Xie Nan based on Yu Jin's suicide incident.

Only then did everyone understand that Xie Nan was simply being used as a gun.

The IP address was located on the campus.

What Li Xue said in front of the office corresponded to what she wrote in the post.

The person concerned was prominent.

Ah Jin wasn't afraid of being found out.

The account was indeed the original character's, but she never posted it in the forum.

The comments were almost non-existent.

No one knew who the account belonged to.

The campus was abuzz about it.

Those who didn't like Yu Jin looked at her with sympathy.

Ah Jin didn't care.

The school knew about it too, and with the office incident, Li Xue was expelled.

Her father felt too humiliated.

He came to take her away and slapped her in front of all the teachers.

If it wasn't for the teachers stopping him, he probably would have killed her on the spot.

It must be said that Li Xue was just like her father as well, selfish and cold-blooded.

This was not surprising for Li Xue to end up like this.

Later, the father was ashamed and paid to send her to a third-rate boarding high school in a different province.

After that, Li Xue seemed to have figured something out and stopped disguising herself, hanging out at that said high school, and becoming a member of the punks.

Without the rookie's disturbance, Ah Jin's life was more comfortable.

Eating, drinking, studying, and making fun of the big guy.

It would be even better if Mrs. Yu didn't take her to the psychiatrist every week.

This was something the school had discussed with Mrs. Yu.

Otherwise, the school would worry that a time bomb would explode at any moment in school.

As her living situation stabilized, some girls were slowly willing to make friends with Yu Jin.

Now all they had to do was help the original character get into college, and the job would be done.

As for the class monitor, Ah Jin had no intention of helping the original character catch up with him.

Even if Yu Jin was cheerful, being with the class monitor would still make her inferior.

If they were together, she didn't think highly of them.

The stupid big guy was more suitable for Yu Jin than the class monitor.

However, by the time the stupid big guy got the hang of it, it would be too late.

Mrs. Yu took Ah Jin to see a psychiatrist again, who resisted at first.

Turned out resistance was futile, so she gave in.

Anyway, there was nothing to be done to Ah Jin.

It was just a waste of time.

The doctor also had a headache when he saw Ah Jin.

Actually, Ah Jin wasn't a mentally healthy kid.

She had a severe mental illness.

Yet, the doctor couldn't find a way to deal with it.

They thought it was just an illness caused by school bullying, but there was no treatable outcome.

Ah Jin did not hide her mental state, and the doctor looked at the questionnaire in his hand, the same results as the previous times.

No matter which way you look at it, Yu Jin had seriously suicidal tendencies.

The doctor couldn't find a reason.

Ah Jin had an iron wall of defense, and everyone around her found nothing.

Ah Jin showed she liked it when people got antsy but couldn't do anything with her.

The reason why Ah Jin agreed to come to the doctor every week was simple, she made an agreement with the doctor that she won't kill herself until he figured out why.

She wanted the doctor to tell Mrs. Yu that she was getting better and would recover soon.

If not, she wouldn't come, and it was none of the doctor's business as to when she was going to kill herself again.

The doctor thought it was a way to hold Ah Jin back, so he agreed. Who knew that weeks would pass and no breakthrough could be found.

As the days passed, it was finally time for the university entrance exam.

As planned, Ah Jin helped the original character get into a good university.

Before leaving, she went to see the doctor again for the last time.

It was difficult not to respect the doctor who had been tormented by her for a year.

Generally, people should have given up a long time ago.

When the doctor asked her why Ah Jin didn't pull a playful tirade this time.

Instead, answered thoughtfully, "I'm just so bored."

She left without waiting for the doctor's reaction. The doctor went out after her, but Ah Jin's figure was gone.

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