His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 12 - Anger

Lady Li felt her head spinning, and she also saw stars. She was ashamed but also annoyed that no one had stood up to save her.

“What exactly is going on?” When Lady Li had almost sunk into desperation, she finally heard a familiar voice  — Mama Li.

Since Mama Li was coming over, the Old Madam Li must know about the matter; Lady Li started to sob out loud.

“This maid can’t live anymore. I was just teaching these two disobedient hooves a lesson, but the Third Miss got mad at me and wanted to beat me to death.” Lady Li bawled loudly.

Hong Ying and Hong Yu glanced at Shen Ziqiao.

“Continue to hit her. What are you guys glancing for?” Shen Ziqiao didn’t even deign to look at Mama Li, ordering Hong Ying to continue the beating.

Mama’s Li’s expression changed and she forced a smile on as she walked over. “Third Miss, how did the impolite and disobedient maid offend you? This maid can punish her for you, so you don’t need to personally attend to this matter.”

Shen Ziqiao looked down at her slender white fingers and faintly said, “It’s not tiring. I’m not the one beating her up.”

So she’s not planning on giving her some face?

Mama Li took a deep breath and said, “Third miss, why not tell Old Madam Shen what has gotten you angry?”

“Old Madam Shen is an elder, so I will not go and bother her with this small matter. I’m just sending a few servants away. Do I not have the right to do so?” Shen Ziqiao slightly smiled, glancing at Mama Li.

What did this mean?

Everyone’s expressions changed and they all looked at Shen Ziqiao in fear.

No matter big or small, Old Madam Li knew everything about the matters happening in the household. Although the Eldest and Second Miss learned from Old Madam Li how to manage a household, the latter had the actual power.

Could Third Miss be planning on opposing Old Madam Li?

Shen Ziqiao impatiently stared at the servants who remained expressionless. “I cannot order you guys now? I cannot even send these condescending servants away?”

She’s being serious… A tint of anger flitted across Mama Li’s eyes. What has gotten to the Third Miss today?

She shot a look towards Lady Li and the latter cried even louder when she got the message.

This useless person.

Mama Li wanted to slap Lady Li as she wanted her to admit defeat and apologize, not intensify the situation by crying.

Shen Ziqiao smiled at Lady Li’s bawling and she turned around to ask Mama Li, “Mama Li, you are one of the many experienced servants in the family. Tell this servant whether Masters can eat whenever they want to. Tell her that those who threaten others under someone’s name will not be needed in the family.”

Find the owner of the dog before beating it. If she knew that, she wouldn’t have treated Lady Li like this.

Everyone disagreed in their hearts but none dared to speak their minds.

Mama Li walked over and slapped Lady Li, saying, “Shut up. Why are you not begging for Third Miss’ mercy yet? This maid will discipline these servants and make sure they do not offend you anymore.”

Shen Ziqiao faintly smiled and nodded, saying, “You are the most capable mama by Old Madam’s side. With you discipling these blind servants, I am naturally at ease. There is no proper mistress in the family and inevitably, there are some people who are trying to take advantage of Old Madam Shen as she is getting too old to manage these matters. Mama Li, aren’t I right?”

A burst of anger surged in Mama Li’s heart. She had to reluctantly say, “Yes, Third Miss is correct.”

“Let’s go back now.” Shen Ziqiao nodded in satisfaction, bringing Hong Yu and Hong Ying as well as the rest back to Qiao Xin Courtyard.

Cui Ping was still in a daze upon witnessing Shen Ziqiao’s valiance. She carefully stared at Mama Li’s unfathomable expression and wondered how come Old Madam Shen had not done anything, even allowing the Third Miss to cause a scene.

Could it be that Old Madam Shen doesn’t plan on managing the family affairs?

Lady Li cried as she looked at Mama Li.

“Why are you not cooking for the Third Miss yet?” Mama Li glared at her and coldly reprimanded.

“Mama Li, what exactly is going on with the Third Miss?” Cui Ping walked to Mama Li’s side and inquired in a low voice.

“What is going on? Well, she has grown independent, that’s what!” Mama Li sneered and clutched the handkerchief in her hand tightly, endured the anger in her heart and walked off.

Cui Ping was stunned as she processed Mama Li’s words.

By then, Mama Li had already returned to De’an Courtyard. Old Madam Shen was listening to her personal maid, Cui Ping, reporting the details. The light was dim in the room and her face was unclear, only seeing a flash of sterness flickering by her eyes.

“Old Madam.” Mama Li endured the anger and calmly walked to Old Madam Shen.

Old Madam Shen slightly lifted her head and Cui Ping bowed, retreating to the side.

“She stood up for her maid?” Old Madam Shen closed her eyes and she held a peaceful and calm expression.

Mama Li answered softly. “It’s Xue Xin who doesn’t understand the rules.”

Xue Xin was Lady Li’s name.

“She actually stood up for her own maid… and even said that…” Old Madam Shen chuckled and with a hoarse and chilly voice, she said, “Who said that?”

“Could it be that the Elder Master wrote a letter to the Third Miss?” Mama Li asked in a low voice.

Old Madam Shen said, “Granted that she doesn’t even pay attention to my words even when Brother Kai and the eldest son were home, she never dared to stand up for her maids in great fanfare. What’s more, she dared to hit my people…”

Recalling Cui Ping’s words, Old Madam Shen’s expression became colder.

Mama Li remembered how Shen Ziqiao didn’t give her face in public and felt a ball of anger in her stomach. “Old Madam, you need to discipline Third Miss, otherwise she may think that she can actually go against you.”

“There’s no need. Let her do what she wants and let us see what she is going to do.” Old Madam Shen gradually opened her eyes and her lips curled into a contemptuous smile.

“Who knows what the Lord was thinking? Letting her act undisciplined and out of control. Even the Elder Master treats her like a treasure.” Mama Li couldn’t help but feel annoyed after imagining how Shen Ziqiao might be even more prideful and arrogant than now once the Lord and Young Master returned.

This was Old Madam Shen’s scar and she clenched her teeth, saying, “That cheap woman… if she didn’t charm the eldest son into listening to her, you think he would not have remarried by now? That lass looks too similar to her!”

Mama Li nodded. If it weren’t that Shen Ziqiao looked extremely alike to the late First Lady, the Lord would not be so unwilling to remarry someone due to his constant reminder of his deceased wife.

Old Madam Shen sighed and said, “Assistant Minister Liu’s younger sister is twenty this year. She is picky and does not have anyone of interest yet. Therefore, she has not been betrothed. However, the Liu Family seems to have the intention of marrying Young Miss Liu over.”

“This… that Lady Liu is a talented woman in the capital and isn’t any worse than the First Lady back then. Maybe the Lord will like her.” Mama Li said happily.

“Pick a time and we will go meet that Lady Li.” How could she not know what her son was thinking?

However, it was unlikely for the Lord to remarry someone.

Mama Li said, “We cannot let Third Miss cause trouble anymore.”

“She dares?!” Old Madam Shen humphed coldly.

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