Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 12.2 - Shopping for a Bed (2)

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Qin Ge quickly found Wu Tong in the sofa aisle where she was currently looking at sofas. Although she had already calmed down, upon seeing Qin Ge, she still felt a bit uncomfortable.

“Did you find the one you want?” Qin Ge asked as if nothing had happened.

Since their home belonged to the two of them, Wu Tong thought it would be best to get Qin Ge’s opinion. “There are two models that I like. One of them is a European-style fabric sofa and the other is a mahogany bench with cushions. The sofa would probably be cozier, but the mahogany bench is more suitable for the overall style of the house.”

Qin Ge didn’t understand why Wu Tong was torn between the two choices. “A sofa is meant to be sat in, so obviously, we should choose the comfortable one.”

“But if we choose the fabric sofa, the decor will look strange and uncoordinated,” said Wu Tong.

“Then we’ll just buy them both and switch them around.” Qin Ge handed his credit card over to the nearby salesperson and said, “I want them both.”

“What are you doing?” Wu Tong snatched the card back. “Why are you buying two? Where would we even put them?”

Qin Ge looked at his empty hand, then at the credit card that Wu Tong firmly grasped. Qin Ge thought for a moment before fishing his wallet out of his pocket. He took out a black card and handed it to Wu Tong, saying, “The credit limit on that card isn’t very high, so you should take this one instead. Qin Huai said that… this black card has no credit limit.”

Wu Tong was stunned as she looked at the black card in front of her. How did things suddenly go from buying a sofa to him giving me a black card?

“What is the meaning of this?” Wu Tong asked.

“I’m giving you money.” Qin Ge sensed the shift in Wu Tong’s mood but didn’t understand why she was unhappy.

Wu Tong took a deep breath and slapped the card down on the coffee table beside the sofa. Without a word, she turned around and walked away.

Qin Ge glanced in Wu Tong’s direction as she walked away. He was somewhat bewildered as he picked up the black card that she left behind. He had a vague sense that something was wrong but couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was, so he asked the dumbstruck salesperson standing next to him, “Why is she angry?”  

The salesperson visualized the drama of the year in her head before she calmly shook her head in response. “I’m not sure.”

Wu Tong walked all the way out of the furniture mall and stood next to the parterre at the entrance. She suddenly felt the sun’s rays beating down on her.

“Wu Tong, you’re too naive. You thought of yourself as his wife but what does he take you for?” Wu Tong rhetorically asked in a self-mocking manner. “A conceited gold digger. But isn’t that true? After all, you did sell yourself to him for $500 million.”


Wu Tong’s phone rang and she took it out of her bag. The person calling her was her second uncle. Wu Tong narrowed her eyes but decided to pick up anyway.

“Wu Tong, are you busy right now?” inquired Wu Tong’s second uncle.

“I’m not busy. Is something wrong?” asked Wu Tong.

“Mrs. Qin called me just now and said that we’re going to have dinner at her place on Sunday to celebrate your marriage to the eldest young master,” replied her second uncle.


“I’ll have your second aunt pick you up on Sunday to get your hair and makeup done. You must behave yourself and give Mrs. Qin and Chairman Qin a good impression,” urged Wu Tong’s second uncle.

“Second uncle, I’ve already gotten married and promised you that I wouldn’t initiate a divorce, so there’s no need for you to meddle in my personal affairs from now on.” Wu Tong didn’t give her second uncle time to respond before ending the call.

Wu Tong blinked back tears. She wiped them away and took a moment to calm herself. Wu Tong was about to go back into the shopping mall to wash her face in the restroom when she bumped into Qin Ge as he was walking out.

Upon noticing her reddened eyes, Qin Ge furrowed his brows and strode over. “You were crying.”

“No, I wasn’t,” Wu Tong stubbornly denied.

“Do you think I’m blind?” Qin Ge said indignantly.

“You are blind!” Wu Tong finally exploded. What did I ever do to you guys? Why are you guys doing this to me?

“Alright then, it was my bad.” Qin Ge roughly drew Wu Tong toward him, pulling her into his embrace in spite of the struggle she put up. Somewhat exasperated, he said, “Although I’m not sure what I did wrong, my mom told me once that regardless of who is at fault, if the wife is unhappy, then it’s the husband’s fault.”

Wu Tong didn’t buy it for a second. Seeing as she was unable to struggle out of Qin Ge’s embrace, she ruthlessly bit down on his chest.

Qin Ge’s body tensed up. He simply frowned slightly before continuing: “Then… Based on the fact that I’m ill, can you stop arguing with me?”

“That’s right! You’re crazy![1]” Wu Tong shouted.

[1] In Chinese, being sick (physically and/or mentally) and being crazy (or calling someone crazy) both share the same characters "有病," which literally means "to have" + "illness." Qin Ge is referring to his mental illness here, but Wu Tong chooses to use the latter meaning to call him crazy.

“I know,” Qin Ge acknowledged calmly.

“...” Wu Tong suddenly felt like she was the idiot for getting mad at Qin Ge.

Qin Ge sensed Wu Tong gradually calming down and finally let go of her. He cupped his wife’s face in his hands and thoroughly scrutinized it for a moment before smiling. “My wife also looks pretty when she cries.”

“I— !” Wu Tong completely lost it then.

Here is part 2 :)

While some of Qin Ge's actions  are questionable, he seems like a sweet guy. He's clueless yet attentive, so I'm looking forward to more sweet scenes like this one uwu

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