Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 12.1 - Shopping for a Bed (1)

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Although Wu Tong felt a bit uncomfortable, she still followed Qin Ge to the mattress aisle. From log mattresses to folding ones; from European to Chinese-style mattresses; there was a wide assortment of beds to choose from. She didn’t know where to begin.

The saleswoman, who looked like a pleasant young woman, politely addressed Wu Tong and Qin Ge before asking, “Are you here to pick out a wedding bed?”

“How did you know we were here to pick out a wedding bed?” Qin Ge asked, somewhat curious.

“The two of you look perfect for each other, yet neither of you is wearing a wedding ring, so you must be preparing for marriage,” answered the young woman with a smile.

After hearing the saleswoman’s explanation, Qin Ge was suddenly in a very good mood. “We’ve already obtained our marriage certificates.”

“Congratulations!” The saleswoman asked, “Sir, how should I address your wife?”

“My last name is Qin.”

“Mrs. Qin, what kind of wedding bed do you want? I can recommend a few to you,” said the saleswoman.

Qin Ge turned his head sideways and gazed at Wu Tong. Wu Tong returned his gaze suspiciously and noticed him smiling at her ambiguously. Alarm bells immediately went off in her head.

Qin Ge told the saleswoman: “I want a large, spacious, and comfortable bed that is suitable for a bit of ‘exercise.’”

At first, the saleswoman earnestly took note of Qin Ge’s requests and automatically thought of a few models that matched his description. When she heard Qin Ge’s last request though, her face blanked for a few moments. When she recovered, she had an embarrassed smile on her face.

Exasperated, Wu Tong ruthlessly stamped on Qin Ge’s foot.

Qin Ge glanced downward and saw Wu Tong grinding against his foot with the heel of her shoe. Perplexed, he asked, “Why are you stepping on me?”

Wu Tong thought she hadn’t stepped on him hard enough, so she lifted the tip of her toe and ground the thin heel of her sandals with more force. There was finally a slight change in Qin Ge’s facial expression. One could tell from how his skin had slightly reddened that it hurt quite a bit.  

“I’m not going to change my requests even if you step on me,” Qin Ge said resolutely. “You can choose what to buy for the other things we need, but I should be the one picking out our bed.”

Wu Tong noticed the saleswoman was looking at her with a knowing gaze that suggested she was thinking of something dirty. Wu Tong immediately felt ashamed, angry, and embarrassed. All she wanted was to dig herself a hole to hide in.

“Where are you going?” Qin Ge grasped Wu Tong’s hand before she could run away.

“I’m going to go look at the sofas. You can buy the bed yourself,” Wu Tong answered grumpily.

“You can’t just leave me here all alone. We’re both sleeping on this bed. If you leave, how am I supposed to choose which bed is the right fit for us? I was thinking we could lay on a few together to try them out,” Qin Ge said.

“I—!” Wu Tong had a feeling that he was deliberately teasing her.

*Cough* The saleswoman promptly came to the rescue. “Um, we have a few beds here that match Mr. Qin’s requests. Why don’t I take you over for a look?”

“Ok.” Qin Ge answered with a smile as he dragged Wu Tong along.

The saleswoman led them to a different area where most of the mattresses were relatively large. Most of them were also Western styles.

In quick succession, the saleswoman introduced several mattresses for Qin Ge to choose from. “Several of the mattresses here are imported from Europe and the US. They are made of latex and natural wool. The designs are exquisite with the perfect internal circulatory system. In addition, they’re durable, breathable, bacteriostatic, resistant to dust mites, and can regulate your sleep quality.”

“Which one do you think is better?” Qin Ge asked Wu Tong.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to pick the bed?” Wu Tong angrily snapped.

“Are you still mad?” Qin Ge raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Then I’ll take this model that helps with insomnia. Look at how dark your eye bags are. It’s all my fault that you couldn’t sleep well last night.”

“QIN GE!” Wu Tong couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“Yes???” Qin Ge’s smile was extremely ambiguous.

Wu Tong finally lost it when she saw the saleswoman off to the side, who was so shocked that she had covered her mouth with a hand. Wu Tong forcefully shook herself free from Qin Ge’s grasp and ran off without looking back.

“Heh…” Qin Ge didn’t stop her this time. Instead, he turned back to the saleswoman and said, “I’ll take this one. I’ll also be taking the best bed frame you have. Send them both to this address.”


After Qin Ge paid and left, the saleswoman was fangirling as she related what had happened to her colleague. “That Mr. Qin who just left is so manly and rich.”

“I was off to the side just now and heard everything. He was a bit… lewd,” said her colleague.

“What do you know? Being a bit lewd toward his wife is just a way for him to express his affection for her.” The saleswoman continued in a suggestive tone, “Besides, Mr. Qin looks very ‘skilled.’”

“You’re even lewder than him…”

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