Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1199: Sea emperor: Lifting up the hostage princess (Part 10)

At the end of the day, the sea wind blew on her face.  She used the memories of the previous host to set forth in the general direction of the Blood Blue Sea.

She chose a small that wasn’t too big or small, there was only her on the boat.

The boatmen said that without an experienced person, they wouldn’t sail at night.

But Luo Qing Chen didn’t want to take him anyway.

Because if she told him that she was heading to Blood Blue Island, the boatman wouldn’t have even rented the boat to her.

After all, she knew what the citizens all thought of Chu Xi Mo based on her previous memories.

In the eyes of the citizens, he was the young master of the sea empire, so they gave him a nickname: Emperor!

The boatman was scared by all this.  The government wanted to catch him, but the citizens praised him as a legend.

It began several years ago that as long as the boats of the government entered the sea, no matter how many elite soldiers were on that boat, they would all be kidnapped.

At first, the government was still very determined, using traps again and again to catch Chu Xi Mo.

But every time the soldiers set out, they never returned.

After several days, their corpses would follow the direction of the sea and come ashore.

There was no boat and no belongings, only corpses.

After a while, the government no longer dared to fight and went around them.

But what they never thought was that no matter which way they went, the official boats would still be robbed.

Chu Xi Mo was like a sea god, creating waves on the sea and having no enemies.

Thinking of this, Luo Qing Chen’s lips couldn’t help curling.

After all, he was a mysterious and powerful man.

There were rumours that the sea emperor was a rough man, there were rumours that he was a weak girl, there were more rumours saying that he was an elegant gentleman.

Actually, the most accurate one was the last one because in her memories, he was a man who was unique with an evil charm.

When the previous host thought about Chu Xi Mo after, she was filled with regret.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes.  She enjoyed the sea breeze while asking the system a serious question.

System, what is the male lead’s affection for the previous host?




[The male lead is someone who must return favours, so he only feels gratitude towards the previous host.  In his world, this kind of feeling doesn’t count as gratitude.]


Without knowing why, hearing the explanation the system gave her, she was a bit disappointed and a bit happy.

Only she knew why she felt this way.

“Hong long!”  There was a boom of thunder that cut through her thoughts.

Luo Qing Chen finally felt the wind pick up on the sea, it was completely different from the gentle breeze from before.

The lighting smashed down from the sky to the sea before thunder followed several seconds later.

“Da, da, da, da, da, da.”  Before she could even react, large beads of rain were already falling down.

At this moment, even the cursing of the sea couldn’t scatter the deep anger in her heart.

After all, she was here to find the male lead, not the sea god, alright?

In less than a quarter of an hour, her boat was swept by the waves again and again.  Although she didn’t tip over, it wouldn’t take long before that happened.

She bit her lip and took out the firework from her chest.  She aimed it at the sky and with a ‘peng’ sound, it suddenly exploded.

Although this encounter was different from what she imagined, this thing that had harmed Chu Xi Mo in another world, it was better to use it sooner!

[The system really is laughing to death, you say it like the male lead isn’t in danger.]

He is the sea emperor, if he doesn’t even have this little bit of ability…...

[So what if he doesn’t?]

I’ll save him!

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