Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1198: Sea emperor: Lifting up the hostage princess (Part 9)

After leaving the Ten Thousand Spring House, she stayed at an inn first and used the token Chu Jun Ting had left her to summon her!

Chu Jun Ting moved very quickly, bringing large and small bags for her.

The large bags had changes of clothes, two male clothing and two female clothing.

The small bag…...was filled with silvers.

After all, the rumours said: Money could even make ghosts suffer.  Those words definitely had reason behind them.

“I say, little princess, there is only you who can make me run errands for them in this world.”  Chu Jun Ting lazily sat in the chair on the side while drinking the tea, “What do you want these outfits for?  You want to leave the city?”

Chu Jun Ting was very happy that she was back, but of course she also vaguely felt that her personality had changed.

But women!

After experiencing such emotional pain, it was very normal to change!

“I am indeed going out.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at her with a sparkle in her clear eyes, “I’m not leaving the city, I’m heading out to sea.”

“Pu!”  Chu Jun Ting couldn’t help spitting out the tea in her mouth as she looked at her who looked exceptionally beautiful under the moonlight that was coming in through the window in disbelief, “You wouldn’t be telling me that you’re going out to sea right now, right!”

Not mentioning how dangerous the sea was at night, even if she didn’t encounter pirates and such, she would become lost on the sea.

Could it be that her sister couldn’t think through her pain and wanted to die!

Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug and a soft laugh, “You’re not dumb!  I’ve already arranged for the boat, I’m setting off now!”

“Don’t, don’t, don’t!”  Chu Jin Ting suddenly stood up and tried to ‘explain’ with a serious look, “My god!  My royal mother told me when I was younger that there are plenty of people in the world, you can change if it doesn’t work!  You can’t just seek death like this, you have to think it through!  If you die, wouldn’t you be doing what they want?  Let me tell you……”

“Stop, stop, stop.”  Luo Qing Chen cut her off with a laugh, “I’m not seeking death for that man, he isn’t even qualified to hold me shoes!”

For the current Luo Qing Chen, Lin Ruo Jing’s best cooking wasn’t worthy of her giving it a second glance.

After all, if a person had a bad heart, then even if he was good in a certain field, he was still dirty in her eyes!

“Wa!”  Chu Jun Ting looked at her in a daze, “You’ve never said a single bad thing about Lin Ruo Jing before!”

Although they were both princesses, they were not related by blood.  The sixth king wasn’t the son of the previous emperor, he became a king based on his merits.

But even like this, it didn’t interfere with their friendship.

At a palace feast when they were younger, that decided that they would be best friends for life.

The previous host cherished her friend, so now that she had taken over for the previous host, she would also cherish her.

“That was the past.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a laugh as she stroked her face, “It’s different now!”

As soon as her voice fell, she looked at the moon outside and touched the firework in her chest before saying, “I’m setting off!”

“Ha?  You, you, you…..You’re really going!  Aren’t you seeking death, going out…..in the middle of the night!”  Chu Jun Ting wanted to grab her sleeve to question her, but she found that she had already walked to the door.

She waved her hand and said with a faint smile, “I’m going to find my true destiny!”

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