Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1192: Sea emperor: Lifting up the hostage princess (Part 3)

On Blood Blue Island, the previous host was tied up as she was brought in front of the male lead Chu Xi Mo.

He was stunned when he first saw her, as the wine glass being lifted in his right hand paused.

After a while, he slowly said, “Untie her.”

The previous host felt the male lead was familiar, but she couldn’t remember him.

Until she ate something that the male lead cooked that she remembered him.

The male lead’s dishes were the best that she had ever eaten, it was even better than Lin Ruo Jing’s.

They had met three years ago, when the previous host was a proud little princess (Although she still was).

The male lead was already a pirate on the sea.  He had been seriously injured because of a leak in information and had been trapped in Long Peace City.

The soldiers all searched the streets and he had nowhere to run.  He hid inside a restaurant and acted as a cook.

At that time, the previous host was living in that inn.  She was angry with the sixth king, so she stayed for a night.

It was that dinner that she had her servant bring the male lead to her room, sending away the soldiers.

Chu Xi Mo said to the previous host when he was leaving, “I owe you a life, I’ll pay it back in the future.”

The previous host had replied with a smile, “If I have the chance to eat your food, that will be enough!”

On Blood Blue Island, he had arranged a room next to him.  The bedding in the room was clean and everything was new.

Of course, he had made a table of dishes for her.  Everything was the freshest sea delicacy.

The maid who brought the dish to her looked at her with envy as she said, “The emperor never goes into the kitchen, this is my first time seeing this.”

The previous host learned afterwards that the male lead was someone that specialized in robbing officials, the entire sea was his world.

Because of his appearance, all the large and small pirates had to bow their heads or feed the fishes.

Therefore he had been called sea emperor by many people.

Because only a small part of the ransom he received went to feeding his brows, the rest went to victimized citizens or poor people.

Every time they sent food, they left the word emperor.  This ‘emperor’ word was like a god like existence in their eyes.

As for the previous host, she didn’t like him at all.  Three days later, Lin Ruo Jing didn’t come.  The male lead sent her back to Long Peace City and had given her a firework.

On it was the the word ‘emperor’.

Chu Xi Mo had said to her, “As long as you are in danger or need my help, shot this firework.  As long as I’m alive, I will come save you.”

Lin Ruo Jing’s plan had been ruined and he was chased out of the sixth king’s palace.  He didn’t even have time to take the official post before he was kicked out.

He secretly stole the firework from the previous host and led the soldiers to create a trap to kill the pirates.

That night, there was a firework in the sky.  She dashed in the direction of the firework, but all she saw were corpses all over the ground.

She suddenly remembered what he had said: I owe you a life, I will pay it back in the future.

The previous host wanted to take revenge for Chu Xi Mo, but she couldn’t find Lin Ruo Jing.  It was like he had disappeared, which included Liang Ji, the singer from the Happy Red House.

Only after did the previous host learn that he had replaced Chu Xi Mo with uncle Liu, becoming the ruler of the sea.

And they didn’t rob the rich to help the poor, they left nothing but evil.

The previous host personally set out to kill them.  When she saw Lin Ruo Jing, she lit up all the explosives on the boat.

And died together with him.

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