Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1191: Sea emperor: Lifting up the hostage princess (Part 2)

This story really made people feel sorry for the male lead.

Because the male lead had been indirectly killed by the previous host…..Although it was indirect, the previous host was 99% responsible.

The previous host was the youngest daughter of Long Peace City’s sixth king.  Not only was she spoiled by her parents, even her big brother had pampered her.

The servants all took care of the special needs of the little princess and the chefs all made special meals according to her tastes.

She had a very sensitive taste, just a single bite told her what seasonings there were and how much heat there was.

The chefs in the palace kept changing and finally there was someone who could satisfy her taste buds.

That person was the supporting male lead, Lin Ruo Jing.

He seemed a bit weak, but he was someone with a strong sense towards cooking.

Over time, the previous host went from liking his dishes to liking him.

The sixth king didn’t actually like Lin Ruo Jing because he was a commoner.  His mother had died from illness and his father was a thief.

He once thought to pass the imperial exam, but even if he went to class for free, he didn’t have the talent for studying.

In the end he gave up and went to work as an apprentice for the chef of the Happy Red House, but that was where he found his strength for cooking.

Over time, he became a very outstanding cook of Long Peace City.

But his identity as a chef was still lowly in front of the precious little princess of the sixth king.

But even so, he couldn’t stop the previous host’s love for him.

She even wanted to recruit him to the palace and marry him.

The sixth king was naturally not happy, but if his daughter liked him and this Lin Ruo Jing was a bit capable, it wasn’t a problem for him to arrange a position for him in court.

The previous host accidentally mentioned this matter to Lin Ruo Jing and he immediately agreed.

But Lin Ruo Jing already had a wife and his wife was the supporting female lead of this story, Liang Ji.

Liang Ji was a singer in the Happy Red House.  When he was still a cook there, he had fallen in love with Liang Ji.

The two loved each other and secretly bowed to the heavens and earth.

Of course, the previous host didn’t know about this.

The story developed smoothly.  The sixth king in order to make Lin Ruo Jing a match for his daughter, with his identity as a king, had him enter the court as a third grade official.

Although this kind of official couldn’t match his daughter, at least it was better than a chef.

On the eve of their wedding, Lin Ruo Jing told her that he wanted to take her to see the sea.

The previous host naturally knew that Lin Ruo Jing liked to take a trip to the sea just to get her the freshest seafood.

The previous host was very moved by this and couldn’t wait to go to the sea with him.

But the previous host didn’t know that this was a trap.

They went to the Blood Blue Sea where pirates ran rampant.

His father used to be a pirate, so naturally he knew that his uncle Liu was still there.

The pirates captured the previous host and told Lin Ruo Jing that he had three days to bring three thousand taels of gold to Blood Blue Island to exchange for the previous host.

As the previous daughter of the sixth king and thinking that she was the most important girl in Lin Ruo Jing’s heart, the previous host was certain that Lin Ruo Jing would bring back the money.

It was a pity that Lin Ruo Jing never came back.

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