His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 119 - It Has Nothing To Do With You

I heard nothing!

Shen Ziqiao was unwilling to talk to Sheng Peiyin. She knew what she wanted to say so she hurriedly walked up the second floor of the tavern.

He Chen coincidentally saw this scene and knitted his brows unhappily.

The moment Shen Ziqiao closed the door, Sheng Peiyin reached over to stop her. She smiled. “You’re that scared of me?”

“Yes, I’m scared that you might want to kill me again.” Shen Ziqiao confessed. She was really scared of Sheng Peiyin having tricks up her sleeves or wanting to scheme her.

Regarding this aspect, she couldn’t win against the reborn female lead.

“Jiao Jiao, why don’t we sit down and talk about it?” Sheng Peiyin said.

Shen Ziqiao returned a smile. “There’s nothing I want to talk to you about.”

“You and I both know what will happen next. Instead of hurting each other, why don’t we sit down and discuss the possibility of cooperation? What do you think?” Sheng Peiyin said. She believed that Shen Ziqiao would definitely want to live a different life from before. She was able to successfully marry the Ninth Prince in her past life. Did she not want to marry him this life?

Sheng Peiyin didn’t believe that Shen Ziqiao didn’t feel anything for the Ninth Prince anymore.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Also, I won’t cooperate with someone that wants to kill me. Third Miss Sheng, this is it. I won’t see you out.” Cooperate with Sheng Peiyin? She might as well stab herself.

Bang. The door closed behind her and a severe glint flickered in Sheng Peiyin’s eyes.

She returned around to see He Chen standing not far from her, glancing.

Sheng Peiyin wiped the corner of her eyes and lowered her head in grievance. “Eldest Master He.”

He Chen politely nodded. “Third Miss Sheng.”

Who knew that Shen Ziqiao was that crafty? No matter how much she disliked Sheng Peiyin, she shouldn’t be that impolite. He Chen decided to find some time to reprimand Shen Ziqiao.

Shen Ziqiao rested for the night and then felt replenished with energy.

“Let’s continue our journey. Hopefully, we can reach the northwest soon.” Shen Ziqiao smiled and got in the horse carriage.

“Third Miss Shen.” He Chen called behind her. He slowly walked to her. “Can I have a few words with you?”

Shen Ziqiao looked at him and nodded. “What do you have to say?”

“As a lady, you should be more generous. It’s fine if you’re a bit unruly but you should at least treat people politely. Even if you don’t like Third Miss Sheng, you should keep it inside you. Why display it? Other people might think that you’re narrow-minded and can’t accept anyone.” He Chen reprimanded Shen Ziqiao in a low voice. He was hoping that she’d learn to become smooth and tolerate people. Otherwise, she wouldn’t even know how she offended people in the future.

If she really became the madam of the He Family, more the reason why she should learn to treat people politely. How could she just put on a stinky expression when facing someone she disliked?

Shen Ziqiao chuckled. “He Chen, whether I treat people politely or generously has what to do with you?”

He Chen exclaimed coldly, “Don’t you think that people dislike the way you are?”

“Those that like me will like how I am. Those that don’t like me won’t like me no matter what. Eldest Master He, I didn’t tell you to like me. That’s why whatever I say or do has nothing to do with you, understood?” Shen Ziqiao smiled.

She never thought of being a celebrity. Why must she change herself because of other people’s preferences? Wasn’t she good like this?

Shen Ziqiao ignored He Chen and turned around, returning back to her horse carriage.

He Chen glanced at her meaningfully.

Their procession quickly continued to hurry along the journey. At least a month was required to travel from Minyue to the northwest. Within this time period, Shen Ziqiao rarely talked to Sheng Peiyin. No matter the excuses she looked for, Shen Ziqiao smiled and rejected.

Ever since that day, He Chen didn’t reprimand Shen Ziqiao anymore. However, he had been observing the girl the entire time.

He noticed that she treated everyone amiably and familiarly, even generously. She was even able to joke around with the driver of the carriage. Don’t mention her third uncle. They chattered nonstop. Her smile was like a blooming flower, except towards the Ninth Prince and Sheng Peiyin. She was quiet and indifferent to them.

Like him too. She didn’t give him a smile at all.

Could it be that she had something going on with the Ninth Prince in the past?

With this suspicion in mind, the procession arrived at the border of the northwest. He Chen ordered everyone to stay on alert. They were only a mountain away from the Jin people’s military camp. Although Dazhou’s soldiers were guarding the mountain, they were still scared of the Jin people’s appearances at night.

They always kept the news of them transporting rice secret. From outsiders’ eyes, they were just ordinary merchants. However, just in case.

“We probably won’t be able to arrive in Gaonan City tonight. We have to hurry tomorrow morning. I’m scared of there being danger if we travel in the middle of the night.” Third uncle exclaimed to He Chen.

“I’ve already had someone go to meet up with General Shen. They’d send soldiers over to pick us up tomorrow.” He Chen said.

“Everyone, be careful. Try not to stray too far. This isn’t a good place to admire the views. Let’s just get by tonight and we can enter the city tomorrow.” Third uncle said loudly. He indicated for everyone to surround the carriages carrying rice in a circle and everyone would rest inside the circle.

Shen Ziqiao looked around, her eyes pitch-black. She could vaguely hear the wolves howling in the mountain. She moved to the third uncle’s side, a bit afraid. “Third uncle, let me guard the night with you!”

“Guard the night what for? Quickly go rest. It’s fine, it’s fine. Your father will quickly send soldiers to take us into the city.” Third uncle smiled, ushering Shen Ziqiao to rest.

He Chen walked over and knitted his brows at Shen Ziqiao. “Stop causing trouble. Hurry back and rest.”

Shen Ziqiao pursed her lips. She told her third uncle to be careful before returning the horse carriage especially for her and Sheng Peiyin to rest.

It was unclear what the Ninth Prince was talking to Sheng Peiyin about in the carriage. Seeing Shen Ziqiao coming over, the two stopped talking to each other.

Standing on the pedal, Shen Ziqiao glanced expressionlessly at the Ninth Prince.

Learn to be tactful. Come out already okay?

The Ninth Prince pinched Sheng Peiyin’s palm before finally bending over and getting out of the horse carriage. He was about to talk to Shen Ziqiao when the latter was already squeezed inside, not even looking at him.

After Shen Ziqiao entered the horse carriage, she sat by the corner and closed her eyes to rest, treating Sheng Peiyin as air.

Sheng Peiyin glanced coldly at him. “I heard that Pan Family wants to marry you to He Chen?”

“It seems like He Chen doesn’t really want to marry you…”

Ignore her! Treat her as air! Shen Ziqiao told herself, allowing Sheng Peiyin to talk to the air. She didn’t respond at all. Sheng Peiyin shut up and then got out of the horse carriage.

Without Sheng Peiyin bothering her, Shen Ziqiao fell asleep in a daze. Unsure how long after, a shriek came outside of the horse carriage.

“Jin thieves are here!”

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