My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 119.1: Possession

Qin Yanzhi, of course, also noticed. “It’s just a demon in possession…”

He suddenly stopped and glanced at Jing Yue profoundly.

Jing Yue was puzzled and looked back at him, his expression clearly written: What do you mean?

Qin Yanzhi ignored it calmly, and said, “We killed thousands of demonic cultivators in West Shu and there must be some fish that slipped through the net and escaped by protecting their souls. Miniwest Lu region is closest to West Shu and most cultivators here don’t have a high base. It’s most suitable to come here to take possession.”

Jing Yue smothered a laugh. “The place is well chosen, but this demonic cultivator is too unlucky.”

A cultivator’s soul could not leave the body for too long. They either had to find someone and take possession of the body as soon as possible or own a treasure to nourish the soul like Jing Yue. Otherwise, the soul was bound to collapse after some time.

But each person only had one chance to take possession. Once successful, the cultivator's original cultivation base would be invalidated, and could only re-cultivate on the foundation of the new body.

Therefore, a cultivator would never take possession unless it was the last resort. Even if it must be done, they would find a good body. Besides, taking possession was a struggle between two souls. The better the talent and the stronger the physical body, the more difficult it would be to take possession, with the chances of success less than 10%.

Looking at Chen Guo again, it was obvious that his aptitude was ordinary, and the cultivation base was only Qi Refining. Under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t be selected. Otherwise, after struggling to take possession, who would want to live only 200-300 years even if they practiced desperately?

However, this demonic cultivator not only chose Chen Guo but also failed to take possession…

It couldn't be said that it was a complete failure. The demonic cultivator’s soul was indeed integrated with Chen Guo's soul, but Chen Guo still maintained his self-awareness, which still dominated the body. In other words, the demonic cultivator was now controlled by Chen Guo.

Cultivators with the ability to take possession were generally not weak, at least Amethyst Abode and above. It could be imagined how aggrieved this demonic cultivator must be!

Blue phoenix said excitedly, “Jing-jing, this is the real Grandpa Goldfinger! Let Ji-ji tell you…”

Jing Yue, “Stop believing those picture books, and what grandpa goldfinger? When the soul of this demonic cultivator slowly recovers, it will really occupy Chen Guo's body and make Chen Guo's soul disappear. Is this the golden finger?”

Blue phoenix disagreed. “But the protagonist is different. Even if Grandpa Goldfinger harbors malice towards him at first, he’d eventually be influenced by the protagonist. And when the protagonist becomes stronger, he’ll find a more suitable body for Grandpa Goldfinger!”

Jing Yue, “… As long as you’re happy.”

Blue phoenix felt that Jing-jing's words were very domineering and really became happy.

At this time, Chen Guo, oh no, the other divine soul in Chen Guo's consciousness didn't realize that he was being targeted and paid no attention to the two Qi Refining juniors.

He was already an expert in the Amethyst Abode stage, but he met the righteous cultivators who came to west Shu half a month ago for the cleanup operation, and his body was destroyed by accident. Fortunately, he escaped by protecting his soul.

He originally planned to find a good body to take possession of, but when he passed through Yehuo City, a vision suddenly occurred. He was injured by the vision and fled to Megasun City in a panic.

At that time, his soul was badly injured and he could only find a body with a weak soul to take over. Unexpectedly, although this young man was weak, he had a protective magic weapon, which caused him to be discovered by Chen Guo's soul. He failed to take over the body and suffered a backlash, and his soul power was even weaker. If not for Chen Guo’s ignorance and naivety, how could his low-level trickery deceive anyone? He would most probably be killed by Chen Guo’s soul.

The demonic cultivator was also very convinced of his bad luck. Since back then… Forget, the past couldn’t be traced back. He should look at the future. Perhaps Yehuo City would hold a chance encounter for him this time?

The demonic cultivator was full of longing and urged Chen Guo to leave quickly. The three of them arrived at the mayor’s manor.

Now that the head of the Zhao family had changed, he still dared not to break his promise to Jing Yue. However, Chen Shi was not an ungrateful person. If the Chen family needed help from the Zhao family, he would offer an equivalent gift as thanks. After all, a debt of gratitude would run out someday, and deterrence would always fade away. Only with careful management could the relationship last.

And the relationship was two-sided. The Zhao family had a good impression of Chen Shi's knowledge and understanding. As Chen Shi's strength gradually increased, the Zhao family became closer and closer to the Chen family both in terms of interests and emotions.

Therefore, upon hearing that some people from the Chen family were here, the Zhao family immediately welcomed them into the mansion with enthusiasm.

The steward said, “The mayor is presiding over the grand competition to select our family members who can go to Yehuo City this time. Please follow me to the guest house to rest first.”

Jing Yue asked curiously, “Selection? Could it be that many people want to go? Aren't they afraid?”

The steward showed some pride. “The Desert Snake Tower allowed the mayor to send 20 people. Including the three of you, 17 people in the mansion can go with the immortal to Yehuo City. The opportunity is rare, and if they want to go, of course, they have to compete.”

Jing Yue understood as soon as he heard it. It was not appropriate to hide the fact that the Zhao family would be going to Yehuo City with Desert Snake Tower, but they were reluctant to give up the quota, so they deliberately withheld part of the information. The Chen family thought that only the Zhao family would accompany them, so not many people dared to go. Even if they found out the truth later, it wasn’t appropriate to blame the Zhao family. After all, the Zhao family had already given them the opportunity and quota, but the Chen family missed it.

But Chen Guo was a simpleton and said anxiously, “You didn’t mention before that an immortal from Desert Snake Tower will be coming with us.”

The steward's face froze and his smile was a bit awkward. Jing Yue hurriedly said, “Thanks to the mayor for giving us the opportunity.”

He glanced at Chen Guo again and signaled him to stop talking. Although Chen Guo didn't know the reason, he was weak-hearted and immediately shut up in the face of Jing Yue's forcefulness.

In his consciousness, the demonic cultivator said mockingly, “No one thinks you are mute if you don't speak.”

Chen Guo agreed timidly, thinking that although this soul that appeared out of nowhere was very fierce, it was the almighty known to the entire cultivation world, and what he said must be reasonable.

The steward led them to the guest house. Considering that they were together, he chose the same house for them with only two rooms. Naturally, one was for Chen Guo while the other one was for Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi.

At that time, Jing Yue did not feel good.

Sure enough, as soon as they entered the room, Qin Yanzhi said, “It's been many years since I slept with you.”


Jing Yue gave a thumbs up for his own resourcefulness, but after seeing more of Qin Yanzhi's routines, he gradually became somewhat immune, and said, “Yeah, Gege hasn’t wiped your nose and helped you bath for many years.”

Qin Yanzhi, “…”

“Jing-jing, you have learned trash-talking! Ji-ji will root for you!”

In his consciousness, blue phoenix kept praising Jing Yue, and he also felt quite good. He had finally gotten the upper hand over Qin Yanzhi.

However, the next moment, he heard Qin Yanzhi say, “No need to wipe my nose. As for taking a bath, we can do this after we become Dao partners.”

Jing Yue's expression became solemn. “It’s time to cultivate.”

Qin Yanzhi smiled, “After you.”

The night passed like this. The next day, Jing Yue and the others set off in the direction of Yehuo City with the 17 people selected by the Zhao family.

Yehuo City was not far from Megasun City. The two cities were separated by a vast desert, and the place where the vision occurred was in this desert, just closer to Yehuo City.

Along the way, they saw many cultivators, but most of them were not of high cultivation level.

Jing Yue said to Qin Yanzhi, “I guess the news of the Yehuo City vision has not been fully spread. Most of the people who came are cultivators from nearby.”

Qin Yanzhi, “The sects that know about this matter also want to keep it secret, so I don't know how long the news can be kept.”

Jing Yue frowned. He didn’t want more competitors but he kept feeling that this chance encounter would befall him. As soon as he arrived at Miniwest Lu region back then, he already sensed it, which was why he deliberately changed direction. Later when he inquired, he arrived just at the time when the vision of Yehuo City occurred.

“Jing-jing, in fact, your real opponent is next door. The books say…”

Jing Yue interrupted blue phoenix. “You’d better go back and talk to Yi Ye about your theories.”

Blue phoenix, “He doesn’t understand Ji-ji.”

Jing Yue, “Aren’t you pen pals? He made hats for you and even taught you how to write…”

Blue phoenix said anxiously, “Jing-jing, don’t be jealous. Ji-ji only likes you! Ji-ji was only fooling around with him while you were in seclusion. In Ji-ji’s heart, he’s just a spare tire and not even one-thousandth of Jing-jing!”

Jing Yue, “…” He seemed to have raised a scum?

At this time, a group of people came from the front, all dressed in uniform Daoist robes embroidered with a coiled snake at the chest.

The Zhao family's leading elder immediately greeted them. One of them raised his chin arrogantly. “Is this everyone?”

Elder Zhao, “Exactly.”

The man glanced around casually. “Keep up.”

Jing Yue noticed that Chen Guo, who was beside him, breathed a sigh of relief. He was amused and thought inwardly that he had to find an opportunity to help the other party solve the hidden dangers.

They followed the Desert Snake Tower and searched for four days but found nothing. Seeing more and more cultivators, most of them became anxious.

That night, Jing Yue was meditating cross-legged, and suddenly his heart palpitated. He opened his eyes suddenly and saw a blue light rushing towards the dark moon not far away.

“Go!” The leader of the Desert Snake Tower shouted and released the flying sword. Other disciples also got onto flying magical weapons.

Soon, only the Zhao family and the Chen family were left here.

Despite being left behind, the Zhao family dared not complain. The elder gritted his teeth. “Let's chase after them!”

Qin Yanzhi was about to ask Jing Yue if he was going to fly directly or continue to blend in with the group, but saw Jing Yue's body tense, his face full of disbelief, with deeply hidden tension and fear.

“What’s wrong?”

Jing Yue shook his head and muttered, “How is it possible?”

Qin Yanzhi's eyes flickered, but he didn't ask any further and said instead, “Are we going to continue the pretense?”

Jing Yue, “What else is there to pretend? Hurry up and go!”

So, the Zhao family watched as the two Chen family members suddenly flew up with their swords and disappeared in a flash.

“Just now… they flew on the swords?” Elder Zhao asked dumbfounded. Wasn’t it true that only golden core cultivators could fly on swords? Weren’t those two at Qi Refining stage?

“It seems so…” Others couldn't believe their eyes. “When did the Chen family produce a golden core zhenren?”

They already had golden core cultivators, and two of them! Then what were they doing in Megasun City? Shouldn't they open a mountain and establish a sect?

“Hey, no! The other one is missing too!”

Only then did everyone realize that the boy named Chen Guo had also disappeared without a trace.

At that moment, they suddenly felt that the Chen family was so unfathomable.

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