Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1189: Other than me, no one else in this world is qualified to love you (Part 3)

That feeling was very wonderful.  It was like as long as people put our names together, it would create a very pleasant feeling.

But these days were very short.  The witch race’s chief Ye Zhi Han, who was her previous husband, came to the Disturbed Love Sect.

I had heard about their matters and I can only say I met her too late.

I didn’t even have time to feel sorry for her.

When I saw Ye Zhi Han, I had the urge to kill him right at the Disturbed Love Sect, but I could tell from her eyes that she wanted to watch the play.

I couldn’t see any bit of love or hate from her eyes.

There was only disgust, just like me.

The elders were very friendly to him, treating him to a feast in the Disturbed Love Sect.

It was at that time that I suddenly felt that this kind of Disturbed Love Sect didn’t need to exist.

Their so-called righteousness was very funny to me.

What I hated even more was how he looked at her.  It was a sad gaze, like he wanted her back and wanted to be with her again.

Of course, I knew that he didn’t come to the Disturbed Love Sect for Xia Mo Xing, rather he came for her.

I wanted to find a reason to send Ye Zhi Han away, but I never thought…..Feng Wu Ji would come.  I could see from her eyes that she wanted to go to him.

Although I was very unwilling to let her go, I could tell from her eyes that the person she liked was me.

Everyone had their own destiny, I believed that she insisted on going because there was something she had to do.

Since I loved her, I shouldn’t stop her.

In the end, I still let her go.

Of course, I seriously told her that if she didn’t come back, I would go find her.

But she didn’t seem to come back.

It was false if I said I wasn’t disappointed, it was also false if I said I wasn’t afraid that Feng Wu Ji moved her more than me.

But I felt that if I trust someone, I should trust them with everything.

I only needed to appear when she needed me, I wouldn’t let anyone hurt her.

Of course, I also worked hard for this.

There was no one other than me in this world who could take losing their godhood.  Since ancient times, gods that made mistakes became sinned immortals and their primordial spirits scattered under the heavenly thunder.

After all, in the eyes of the mortals, this was a pain that cut through the bone.

It wasn’t that it didn’t hurt, I just didn’t care.

Because I had something more important to do.  I told myself that it didn’t matter if the world was destroyed, I had to protect her.

Including the people she cared about.

In the end, I saved Feng Wu Ji.

Although his cultivation was scattered, he was reborn in the flames.  But in the end of the story, I gave him all the cultivation I had in this world.

Because although she was a demon, she didn’t live as long as me.

When she disappeared that day, it was a sky that shined bright with the stars.  There was a faint cherry blossom smell in the air and I held her as she counted the stars in the sky one by one.

Until there was only a bit of weight left in my arms did I close my eyes and reveal a bitter smile.

There was a cold liquid that came from my eyes, this was my first tears in thousands of years.

For her, it was worth it.

There were no traces of time, life is like a dream.

Only your cherry blossoms stayed in the memories, guarding the ancient times.

The world was impermanent, the curtain quickly fell.

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 21/100]

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