Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1188: Other than me, no one else in this world is qualified to love you (Part 2)

In the life and death duel, I use the blood sacrifice with the Firmament Sword, splitting apart space and time and destroying the world.

The Firmament Sword shattered and turned into stones.  They were used up by the people of the lower realm one by one when they were found over ten thousand years.

In the end, there was only a single stone left.

Which was the divine artifact the heavenly court and the demon race fought over, the Firmament Stone.

Right, I became a god afterwards.

The only god on the Harmony Continent, the righteous man respected by everyone.

But I found later that the high up place was just like I had imagined.

These people were even more eloquent than when I was a Gold Demon ten thousand years ago, they all had a different side underneath.

In order to become an immortal, they cared for nothing.

So I set up a sect for myself named the Disturbed Love Sect.

Cutting off all emotions meant entering the door, but I could never pass this.

The first time I met her was in the Forgotten Rivers Realm.  A lower realm cultivator like her dared to stand up to Luo Yao Yue, this was something that I never expected.

So I made my move.

At first I calculated I would meet an extraordinary person, but I never thought that her appearance would be so ordinary.

But her eyes were clear as the morning.  It was like I could see my own reflecting in her eyes.

This time, I did something that a ‘god’ should do, like saving the common people.

But when she dueled with Feng Wu Ji, I was instantly surprised.

At that time, I knew her identity.

The rumoured number one beauty demon race daughter Luo Qing Chen.

Although I didn’t know why I couldn’t see through her, I was certain that it was her.

Because at the limit, I could feel the aura of a Red Demon that came from her.

After all, there were few other Red Demons in this world.

When we parted, I looked into her eyes and a strange throbbing appeared in my heart.

Back then, in the search of eternity, I had cut off my emotions at the Three Lives Stone near Magpie Bridge.

I knew that the Three Lives Stone was only a seal that was deep inside my heart.

When we met again at the Disturbed Love Sect, she passed the first test with her decent skills.

Actually, I felt admiration for her at that time.  After all, the Disturbed Love Sect were filled with immortals and elders, they were all cultivators with a bit of skill there.

But no one could see through her disguise.

But it was right thinking about it since even I couldn’t see through it.

The second round was the layered attack of the Thousand Piercing Zither.  I was strangely worried about her, I was afraid that she would get injured to win.

I unconsciously put my right hand in my sleeve, preparing to protect her when she was injured.

It was a good thing that she was good and didn’t make me worry.

I did something that made my heart feel at ease, which was to pick the best peak for her.

I was probably the most qualified person to be her master in the Disturbed Love Sect, perhaps only I was qualified to like her in this world.

Only me, only me, only me…...

In her days at the Disturbed Love Hall, she really showed her ability to eat.

She only thought about food, which of course attracted quite a bit of gossip.

But when I heard my disciples discussing these things, I felt strangely happy…...

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