Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1187: Other than me, no one else in this world is qualified to love you (Part 1)

Taking your hand, being with you for life and giving you a deep love.  ——Dong Zhi Xin.

No desires and no feelings, I had no rivals in this wide world.

I thought that if I couldn’t find eternity, I would live my life like this.

But god still took care of me and gave me a Luo Qing Chen.

Before this, whether it was life or death, it didn’t mean anything to me.

Other than no one being able to match me, no one could enter my heart.

In the ten thousand years like this, the past seemed a bit distant, so distant that I couldn’t only remember a few fragmented memories.

I was the only person who became a Gold Demon in this world.  Of course, this was something that no one imagined, not even my birth parents.

They liked cultivation and I liked sitting in a daze.

They liked absorbing the essence of heaven and earth and I liked sleeping.

They liked going to the lower realm to act arrogant, I liked to find a cloud and listened to a play.

When I was eighteen, when I slept, the sky lit up with golden light.

I went from a Purple Demon to a Gold Demon, completely skipping the Red Demon realm.

All the people of the Demon Shadow Palace were in disbelief.  After all, in their eyes, it was impossible for me to reach this level at my age.

Even my father kept asking me when I crossed my final tribulation.

I thought about it and it didn’t seem like there was one.

The only difference was that I slept very well that night.

After becoming a Gold Demon, the heavenly court began fearing the Demon Shadow Palace.  They kept sending people to the Demon Shadow Palace to kill me.

But they never succeeded…...

The one time they might have succeeded was when they sent a weak fair.

I saved her life and brought her out of the Demon Shadow Palace, but all I received was her dagger in my heart.

I was just surprised as I pulled the dagger out before stabbing it into her heart.

She must have been very surprised because my heart had instantly grown back.

And she never had the chance to open her eyes again.

Since then, I knew how fake the people of the heavenly court were.

If they wanted to fight, fight head on.  What did it matter if they succeeded if they kept using these methods.

But they couldn’t win…...

My father told me after that the righteous people were actually the most dirty.  When they faced demons, they didn’t care what methods they used, as long as we died and they were righteous.

I gave a cold laugh and made a terrifying decision.

Three months later, I charged into the heavenly court alone with a heavenly sword.

No one in the Demon Shadow Palace knew about this.

I was unmatched, killing all that stood in my way.  The sword in my hand was covered in blood as I killed my way into the heavenly court.  Their countless artifacts were unable to stop me.

As for me, whenever I was injured, it would quickly heal.  Other than my arm being a bit sore, I didn’t feel anything else.

The one in charge of the heavenly court was the Profound Emperor, he was an immortal that feared death very much.

In the end, I killed him.

In the following years, the heavenly court didn’t target me because there was no use in doing so.  They began targeting my family.

Until they were all killed and I made a decision to bury all those immortals.

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