Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1186: I’m not afraid of anything other than memories (Part 3)

It took a long time before I knew where this feeling came from.

It was an inexplicable feeling in my heart, creating a throbbing I never felt before.

I admired her boldness and admired her standing among the enemies with a curve on her lips, as her Drunken Dreams Sword was covered in blood.

But what I admired the most was her attitude towards Ye Zhi Han, it was also probably because of this that I knew it wasn’t her.

When she said those words that were like needles to Ye Zhi Han, it was like my heart was burning.

This man was the one I hated the most in life.

Even if I died, I wanted to kill him.

Kill, blood, greed, desire.

This was a battle between demons and gods, no matter who it was, they would have these kinds of dirty thoughts in their mind.

Only she was that kind of pure and clean.

There was a sudden strange urge.  Even if I died, I wanted to die in her arms.

I don’t know if it was god finally rewarding me for the pain of my life, but I died in her arms in the end.

Actually, I still wanted to protect her, but I already couldn’t do it.

The Firmament Stone was just too strong, so strong that even after using the Silver Phoenix Zither’s blood sacrifice, I could only block a single attack.

Actually, I felt that I had let her down very much because I said I would protect her…..

But she didn’t blame me, I could still see a sparkle in her eyes.

She took off the golden ring on her right hand and placed it on my ring finger.

At that moment, there was a sudden tremor in my heart.  My blood that was gradually turning ice cold suddenly began to boil from her actions.

But my eyelids kept getting heavier.

There was something that I always wanted to say to her in my heart and I finally said it.

I said, I liked her.

It was her, not her.

I don't know if she understood, but my eyelids were so heavy that I didn’t have the strength to say another word.

At that time, my heart was filled with fear.

I wasn’t afraid of death, I was afraid that no one could protect her…...

After a few seconds of silence, my right hand’s ring finger gradually became hotter.

The primordial spirit that was scattering stopped at that moment and I could vaguely feel an incomparably strong force approaching me.

No, it should be approaching her.

Then I knew that it was Dong Zhi Xin.

The only god in this world, or it could be said that he was one of the only Gold Demons.

The other was her.

Against Dong Zhi Xin, I felt helpless for the first time.

He was different from Ye Zhi Han.  If Luo Qing Chen had married him, I wouldn’t have lost half my primordial spirit trying to steal the bride.

In the end, I didn’t want to give the childhood friend I loved to that despicable man.

As for Dong Zhi Xin, he was a terrifying existence.

He cut off his godhood for her and became a demon again.

For her, he still saved me even knowing who I was.

For her, he destroyed the upper realms of the Harmony Continent, only leaving the lower realms.

The most terrifying thing was that he had given up eternity for her.

As for me, I turned into a young phoenix and a silver phoenix, my most favourite colour.

I had the memories of before, but when I turned into a person, it would be the day he died.

For ten thousand years, I watched as he pampered that one person.

Although I was jealous, I was also assured.

I was assured in giving the person I loved completely to him.

When he died, I had half his spiritual energy.  Actually he wouldn’t have die that fast, but he said that whether they would meet again or not, he wanted to go with her.

There was no fear even if his primordial spirit scattered.

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