Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1185: I’m not afraid of anything other than memories (Part 2)

I would never forget the day she got married, the seas were at peace and everything was in harmony.

There were some who envied her and some who envied Ye Zhi Han.

In short, in the eyes of the demons and witches, she and Ye Zhi Han were a golden pair that everyone praised.

As for me on that day, I decided to steal the bride.

But everything went wrong and my primordial spirit scattered.

If the heavens wanted to kill me, I still lost in the end.

After all, I was just a single person and it was impossible to resist the entire witch race alone.

But I really wasn’t willing to let her marry such a man.

If she chose a good man, I could drink some wine and congratulate them.

But Ye Zhi Han was just using her!

I knew why Ye Zhi Han wanted to marry her and knew about his relationship with Xia Mo Xing.

I thought that this would be enough for her to come back to the Demon Shadow Palace, but I never thought that they would want to kill her.

I only heard about the matter of the Stop Seal afterwards, she had already left the Demon Shadow Palace.

When I charged into the witch race, the elders said that she was not dying at all.

Not only that, when Ye Zhi Han and Xia Mo Xing got married, she personally made Ye Zhi Han cripple his bride.

She was unmatched at that time, so cold and decisive, she had been so arrogant at that time.

I don’t know if those elders could be believed in, but I knew that they must have bullied her.

Since they bullied her, they didn’t need to live in this world.

In the end, I led a large number of demons to destroy the witch race.

But I didn’t see Ye Zhi Han among them.  The living one told me that he went to the Disturbed Love Sect.

I hesitated for a bit before deciding to charge to the Disturbed Love Sect.

It wasn’t for anything, it was just to take Ye Zhi Han’s head.

Even if I died with him, it didn’t matter if we went to hell together, I couldn’t let him live in this world.

But I never thought that when I was fighting with those hypocritical righteous people, she would appear.

She firmly stood by my side with an aura that was completely different.  Her eyes were slightly narrowed as her actions carried an absolute killing intent.

I suddenly felt that she was unfamiliar, but…...I couldn’t help wanting to approach her.

Just like that night, when she used a tune that I had never heard to duel me.

The me of that time had a burning heart.

This was my first time feeling this way, this feeling of facing each other.

What made me more surprised was that she looked at me with a faint smile as she called me: Big brother Wu Ji.

I had never heard her call me this.  There were many people who liked me in the Demon Shadow Palace, but I never gave them any chance.

That was because I had always been waiting for a look back.  The answer I wanted as long as it came from her mouth, I would give up.

But she told me that she wasn’t the one I liked.

I was a bit doubtful, but I believed her words without hesitation.

That night, we talked a lot.  She was indeed different from the past her, she was more playful and more cute.

She wasn’t as silent as before, always making people feel suffocated when she spoke.

I gradually had a very strange feeling which had nothing to do with gratitude.

At that moment, I was attracted by her personal charm.

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