Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1184: I’m not afraid of anything other than memories (Part 1)

When you turned over and I closed my eyes, ten thousand autumns had passed when I woke from the dream.  ——Feng Wu Ji.

I was a silver phoenix when I was born, I was different from my siblings, I was called a variant of the phoenix race.

When choosing weapons at the age of ten, they liked using blades or whips.

But I chose a zither.  It was a mahogany zither with only a bit of spiritual energy.

But compared to those swords, it was not enough.

All my siblings laughed at me, thinking that someone like me couldn’t be qualified to become an immortal.

Facts proved that I did not become an immortal.

Because I fell to the demon path.

When I was sixteen, something touched me for life.

Although my feathers were silver, my spiritual technique wasn’t worse than the other phoenixes.

Therefore in the battle between good and evil, I was the most powerful phoenix.

Because I was powerful, I received the ‘care’ of the demon race.  The phoenix race was destroyed by the Demon Shadow Palace and we were scattered, with me being the greatest target.

Although I was stronger than the people of my race, I lost to the Demon Lord and was captured by Demon Shadow Palace.

They wanted father to hand over the phoenix race’s treasured Silver Phoenix Zither, but father rejected them without another word.

He also told the demons that for a silver phoenix like me, they could just kill me.

It was that year that I saw Luo Qing Chen for the first time.

She was dressed in a dark red robe as the Drunken Dreams Sword in her hand suddenly lit up.

I thought that she would cut my throat, but she untied my ropes and coldly said to me, “Your father isn’t willing to exchange a broken zither for you, but I can get it for you as your artifact.”

“What are the conditions?”  I was very surprised.  I always thought that demons were cruel.

But it was my siblings and those righteous people who were truly cruel.

Of course, that included my father.

After thinking for a while, she said with a soft smile, “I want you to stay in the Demon Shadow Palace, stay with me.”

Luo Qing Chen didn’t know that her casual words had stunned me for a long time.

After several days, she came back to me covered in blood and put the Silver Phoenix Zither in my hand.

I knew what was called being touched for life.

Whether it was that unclear love or the touched feeling she gave me, I knew that I was willing to stay in the Demon Shadow Palace, staying with her for a lifetime.

Perhaps even two lifetimes.

I thought that way then, but…..things were always unpredictable.

Her accidentally falling down to the lower realm was something I never expected, I immediately rushed down to the lower realm to protect her.

She didn’t know that I had saved her first.

I used half of my cultivation to stabilize her injuries and protect her primordial spirit.

But I never thought that I would be replaced by Ye Zhi Han.

I could tell from a single glance that his feelings for her weren’t pure.  He even did it for a certain purpose, but she…..didn’t think so.

In the end, the head wanted to arrange her marriage after she returned from the lower realm.

The god and demons were against each other, with the witch race in the center.

In order to win the party in the middle, the head decided to have her choose a husband.

She just took a single look and decided on Ye Zhi Han in the end.

Actually, if I knew how much she would suffer afterwards, I would have spent the other half of my cultivation and died with Ye Zhi Han.

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