Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1182: Righteous sect’s demon path monster girl (Part 49)

Luo Qing Chen suddenly looked up to see the golden glow on his forehead.

It was like this faint glow reflected an incomparably noble identity.

“You are……”  Even Luo Qing Chen was surprised at this moment.

The only god of the Harmony Continent, the aloof god was actually the demon that had destroyed the continent tens of thousands of years ago.

All the immortals couldn’t help taking a step back, looking at Dong Zhi Xin with eyes of terror.

His cold eyes narrowed and there was a touch of laziness in his voice as he looked at her with a deep look, “Being demon or god is the same for me, I don’t care.”

“Dong…..Dong…..Dong Zhi Xin, don’t be crazy.”  Gu Liu led the disciples of the Disturbed Love Sect as he vigilantly looked at him, “I respect you as the sect master, how can you abandon the world!”

“The world?”  He gave a cold laugh.  In the cold wind, snow fell down which revealed his chiseled face even more.

He continued by saying, “When have you seen me save the world?”

Everyone had their own destiny, in Dong Zhi Xin’s eyes, everyone did their own thing whether it was the upper realm or the lower realm.

Life and death depended on oneself.  He was the Gold Demon that had once destroyed the world, why would he care about the life and death of the world?

After all, Dong Zhi Xin was unmatched at that time.  He could kill anyone or save anyone.

To him, it was just a thought that didn’t have any meaning.

Yes!  His own life didn’t seem to have any meaning.

When he once stood on one extreme, all the righteous people of the Harmony Continent wanted to kill him as their duty.

If his appearance was a way to promote justice, his death was a merit to all the people.

The him of that time was unparalleled on the Harmony Continent.  Since the world wanted to kill him, it was better for him to destroy the world.

Of course, the only thing destroyed was the lower realm under the demons.

Tens of thousands of years later, he hid his demon aura and used his incredible talent to cultivate both the god and demon path.

It wasn’t that long, but it wasn’t that short.

Ten thousand years later, he had succeeded.

Not only was he the only god of the Harmony Continent, he was also…..the most feared Gold Demon/

“You can’t do this, you…..you will go against the heavens!”  Gu Liu was already completely speechless.  After all, for him or for the entire heavenly court, there was no chance of winning.

The Firmament Stone had been destroyed and they couldn’t even handle a single Luo Qing Chen.

Not to mention an extra Dong Zhi Xin…...

“What can you say about what I want to do?”  He turned and his beautiful eyes fell onto Luo Qing Chen.  As he looked at her, his lips curled slightly, “The important thing is what my disciple wants.”


Everyone turned to look at Luo Qing Chen.

“She is Xiao Qing who was at the Disturbed Love Sect.”  Ye Zhi Han looked at Luo Qing Chen, suddenly feeling a bit uncomfortable.

When Xia Mo Xing died, he didn’t feel this way.

It was like the person who had deeply loved him before had finally left him after being hurt again and again.

This time, she didn’t look back…...

“You…..You’re actually……”


Gu Liu wanted to say something, but he was overwhelmed by the sound of the world being destroyed.

The white and blue of the sky crossed and the sea and sky became one.

The gods and demons fell, piercing through the clouds.  The tens of thousands of years of history slowly dissipated and the Harmony Continent was reborn in blood.

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