Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1181: Righteous sect’s demon path monster girl (Part 48)

“Qing chen is right, when have you ever given hope to the people who’ve loved you?”  Dong Zhi Xin narrowed his eyes and his lips were curled into a lazy curve.  He curled his left finger and it was pointed at Feng Wu Ji on the ground whose primordial spirit had already scattered.

Everyone’s eyes turned to Mu Hua Hua at this moment.

She took a step back in a daze.  There was still the barrier that Luo Qing Chen gave her around her to prevent her from being injured by the demons.

Actually, when she smelled the faint scent of cherry blossoms in the barrier.

She knew that Luo Qing Chen was Xiao Qing who had lived with her.

However, in this war between demons and gods, her so-called father only had killing in his eyes and didn’t care about her life or death.

The so-called demon girl had actually protected her because she was her friend.

What was right and what was evil?

She seemed to understand that a bit better.

“So what, she is a cultivator and she will always be a cultivator.”  Gu Liu looked at Mu Hua Hua, “We and you are not the same people.”

This was Gu Liu’s first time facing his issue with Mu Hua Hua, the words he said really were ugly.

“Ha, ha, ha.”  The air was filled with Mu Hua Hua’s taunting smile.  She picked up the Thousand Piercing Zither as she walked towards Luo Qing Chen step by step, not forgetting to saying, “Please don’t add ‘us’ because I am not the same people as you.”

As soon as her voice fell, she came to Luo Qing Chen’s side.  Her eyes were filled with tears as she spoke to the person beside her while biting her lips, “Xiao Qing, sorry…..”

Actually, she didn’t need to apologize, Luo Qing Chen knew what had happened during the war.

Whenever she was in danger, there would be the sound of a zither that rang out.

This zither sound was very different from the Silver Phoenix Zither, she could feel the difference.

She also knew that she was silently protecting her.

This was a friendship that couldn’t be explained.  Even if you were on opposite sides, the other side would still think of you, it wasn’t like the family relationship between her and Gu Liu!

“You……”  Gu Liu took a deep breath, “Dong Zhi Xin, you are the Harmony Continent’s only god.  You put in all that effort and crossed all those tribulations, just to throw away the Disturbed Love Sect that you established for a single demon girl…..You……”

Gu Liu couldn’t keep speaking anymore.

Because Dong Zhi Xin’s actions stunned all the immortals and demons watching…..

His right hand softly stroked her cheek and her nation collapsing face was reflected in his eyes.  His left hand took her waist and pulled her into his arms.  His beautiful eyes seriously looked at her lips and without another word, he went in for a kiss…...

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 100%]

He could taste the faint cherry blossom taste between her lips and could feel her face instantly turning red as the Drunken Dreams Sword tightly gripped in her hand trembled.

Dong Zhi Xin didn’t reply to Gu Liu, he used his actions to prove what was worth it.

In his eyes, wherever Luo Qing Chen was, it would be worth it.

As long as there was her, anything was worth it.

“You…..You…...You……”  The elders saw this scene and were angered to death.

After a while, he slowly let her go.  His eyes that were like ink had a bit of a sparkle in them as he said with a faint smile, “Could it be that you don’t know who the Gold Demon who destroyed the Harmony Continent tens of thousands of years ago is?”

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