Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1176: Righteous sect’s demon path monster girl (Part 43)

As the group of righteous people kept attacking the barrier, Luo Qing standing on the side could clearly tell that the barrier couldn’t hold on much longer.

But with Feng Wu Ji’s Silver Phoenix Zither, those with lower cultivations were unable to join the fight after hearing its melody.

The hardest ones to take care of now were Yun Jiang and Gu Liu.

After all, although there weren’t many capable people on Gu Liu’s peak, the spells cultivated by Gu Liu were the greatest nemesis for demons.

In other words, the elders of the Disturbed Love Sect cultivated to become gods while Gu Liu cultivated only to exterminate demons.

These two points were very different…..

To put it simply, when Gu Liu was facing demons, he was even stronger than the other elders of the Disturbed Love Sect.

“Peng!”  With a loud sound, the demon race’s barrier was pushed back.

The demon generals warily took a step back.  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and jumped onto the high platform.  With a wave of her right hand, the Exquisite Ring on her hand released a faint golden glow.

“Demon woman, you’re finally here!”  Yun Jiang looked at her with an aggressive look in his eyes, “I heard that you’re the fastest on to become a Red Demon in the younger generation, but it doesn’t seem like you’re that good!”

It was clear that Jiang Yun looked down on women.

In his eyes, men were the sky and women should stay home to sew.

As for this demon woman, wasn’t she born just to make men happy?

“What, you want a duel?”  Luo Qing Chen raised a brow as her eyes filled with absolute power.

As expected, at least here, the righteous people were quite annoying.

Yun Jiang immediately said, “Are you sure you want to duel me?  Even if you use your beauty, it won’t work on me.  After all, I am not a man of your demon race!  There are certain aspects that are harder…..”

“You’re seeking death!”  Feng Wu Ji couldn’t listen to Yun Jiang insulting Luo Qing Chen as his hands quickly strummed across the Silver Phoenix Zither.

There was a strong might that attacked Yun Jiang and he was surprised.  He immediately raised the sword in his hand to block it.

But the two immortal disciples beside him weren’t that lucky.

They grabbed their chests and spat out a large mouthful of blood.

Yun Jiang gritted his teeth, “What?  You want a duel and now you have a man take your place, this demon girl really can only be……”

“Pa, pa, pa.”  Before Yun Jiang could finish, Luo Qing Chen raised her right hand and the power of the Exquisite Ring penetrated his defenses to hit his face.

Luo Qing Chen jumped out and black feathers slowly fell from the sky.  There was an indifferent look in her eyes as she looked at him, “Haven’t you heard of this before?  If you want to fight, stop wasting words!”

As soon as her voice fell, the Drunken Dreams Sword appeared in her right hand.  There was a red light that exploded from her and she released a strong hostility.

It seemed like there would only be life and death between her and Yun Jiang.

Since the other side wanted to kill her, why would she show mercy?

Yun Jiang rubbed his face as his eyes filled with shock.  Just what treasure did Luo Qing Chen use to become this quick?

He just saw a vague golden light in front of him before he was slapped twice.

He was certain of his victory before, but now he was a little worried…...

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