Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1175: Righteous sect’s demon path monster girl (Part 42)

The demons and gods fight, the sky changes colours.

The hundreds of thousands of heavenly court soldiers arrived at the Demon Shadow Palace, leading a group of cultivators from the Disturbed Love Sect to attack the barrier.

“Ding ling.”  Feng Wu Ji’s zither suddenly sounded and everyone retreated when they heard this.

He wore the blue satin robe and his silver hair released an aura that no one could match.  The Silver Phoenix Zither in his hand released a dazzling white light and the powerful music created layers upon layers on the barrier.

“Feng Wu Ji, you destroyed the witch clan first.  Now I am surrounding your demon race, what do you have to say?”  Yun Jiang narrowed his eyes.  He was wearing a set of armour and had the sword of the gods, putting on the majesty of the ‘righteous man’ with every word.

Yun Jiang was the Western Queen Mother’s strongest general, his path to immortality had been extremely smooth.

He didn't suffer in this world, he just knew that ‘killing all demons’ was right.

“Yo, yo, yo.”  Feng Wu Ji narrowed his eyes and he had an evil charming smile as he looked at him, “This armoured person, the way you stress your words, it really makes me think that you’re an illegitimate child of the witch race!”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!”  When Feng Wu Ji’s voice fell, the demons broke out in laughter!

They raised the weapons in their hands and shouted, “The demons will win!  The demons will win!  The demons will win!”

“You……”  Yun Jiang narrowed his eyes and they filled with extreme killing intent, “When I break this barrier, I will see how you will still laugh when you’re running for your lives!”

For him, he was born with justice.  The existence of the demons in this world was an insult.

If they existed, they would only make the world dark and dirty.

“Be assured.”  Feng Wu Ji looked at him and said, “Even if I die, you will come with me.”

As soon as his voice fell, the Silver Phoenix Zither’s world destroying tune sounded and the sky above the Demon Shadow Palace turned dark.

It had to be said, Feng Wu Ji’s mastery of the zither really was at the peak.

With each pluck of the string, it pierced through layers of defenses to attack the minds of the enemies.

“Everyone, I will count to three and we will destroy his barrier!”  Gu Liu stood on the other side, leading all the cultivators of the Disturbed Love Sect to join the battle.

Naturally that included Xia Mo Xing and Mu Hua Hua.

Xia Mo Xing looked at the Demon Shadow Palace with a snicker.  Now the witch race had been destroyed, the heavenly court was attacking the demons.

Everything that she hated would disappear, she would become a clean cultivator from now on.

She would forever stay in the Disturbed Love Sect, staying by Dong Zhi Xin’s side.

She wanted this from the beginning of the story.

At that time, made moves on the Western Queen Mother’s beloved, so she was to be punished with thirty three bolts of lightning.

When she couldn’t take it anymore, Dong Zhi Xin who was passing waved his right hand and blocked the final bolt of thunder for her.

At that time, the only god of the Harmony Continent became something she had faith in.

It was at that time that her eyes kept following him.

She went to find the Western Queen Mother to perform merits for the heavenly court to become the immortal of the Disturbed Love Sect.

But she didn’t know that that damn Luo Qing Chen would cripple her cultivation.

As a result, she could only enter the Disturbed Love Sect as a disciple!

All her…..All her…..Why didn’t that idiot die, her primordial spirit should have been scattered by the Stop Seal…...

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