Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1170: Righteous sect’s demon path monster girl (Part 37)

“Qing…...Qing Chen.”  Feng Wu Ji’s face was pale, but he couldn’t restrain the joy in his heart as his deep eyes looked at her back.

She raised her left hand and put Feng Wu Ji in her protective barrier.  She softly said, “Heal yourself and don’t you dare do something as stupid as a blood sacrifice in the future, I won’t save you.”

As soon as her voice fell, her eyes fell onto Gu Liu as she gave a cold laugh, “Elder Gu Liu really is a righteous person who protects the world, as the demon race’s golden daughter, I have to admire you.”

“Humph, I don’t need your admiration!”  Gu Liu gave a cold snort.  He covered his chest as he staggered a bit.

The Drunken Dreams Sword was just too strong, Luo Qing Chen really was the hardest person to deal with among the demons.

Just a single person had broken the highest level formation of the Disturbed Love Sect.

Sure enough, those who hadn’t passed their tribulations to become immortals couldn’t take her attacks.

“He, he.”  Luo Qing Chen had a smile that was like a flower blooming as she looked at him, “Is miss Mu Ying one of the people of the world?”

When Luo Qing Chen’s voice fell, Gu Liu’s face instantly became incomparably pale.

She paused before giving a chuckle, “Why don’t I tell everyone a story!”

Of course, she learned this story from the system.

Mu Ying, Mu Hua Hua’s mother.

His wife.

Back then, he wasn’t an elder of the Disturbed Love Sect and was just a cultivator with poor talent.

Mu Ying was already an immortal in the heavenly court, a fairy who guarded the lamps of the heavenly library.

She was a dazzling beauty that even the moon paled in comparison.

Many immortals in the heavenly court coveted her, but her heart had never been moved.

Until the Western Queen Mother sent her to the lower realm to deal with a plague, that was where she met Gu Tao.

Who was the current Gu Liu…...

Gu Liu was only a cultivator with no talents then, he couldn’t find the source even with the plague.

But he had ambitions and lofty ideals.

He promised Mu Ying that if he could become an immortal, he would go through flames and water to save the people of the world.

It was because of this that Mu Ying felt a different feeling for him.

But in the end, Gu Liu was only a cultivator.

As long as he didn’t cross his cultivation to become an immortal, he and Mu Ying could never be together.

But they loved each other and something happened in the end…...

On the night of their wedding, the Western Queen Mother learned the Mu Ying had an affair with a mortal.

She abolished his position as an immortal and crippled her, never letting her return to the heavenly court.

The next day, Gu Liu received notice of the Disturbed Love Sect’s first trial.

He cruelly left Mu Ying for his own path of cultivation, he even took away Mu Ying’s Thousand Piercing Zither to pass the test.

Of course, even if Mu Ying had the Thousand Piercing Zither, she couldn’t do a thing without her cultivation.

But it was an indisputable fact that Gu Liu took her Thousand Piercing Zither to enter the Disturbed Love Sect.

After this, he became an immortal with his own ability.

But in the end, the Thousand Piercing Zither couldn’t belong to him.

“I wonder what you should tell her if Mu Hua Hua were to know about this?”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes as a taunting tone appeared in her voice.

“You…..Is what you said try?”  A sweet voice sounded.  Luo Qing Chen looked down to see Mu Hua Hua holding the Thousand Piercing Zither with tears in her eyes.

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