Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1169: Righteous sect’s demon path monster girl (Part 36)

There was nothing hidden in this world.  If the demon race wanted to know the ‘personal matters’ of the righteous people, they could learn everything after a bit of investigation.

This so-called Gu Liu was also scum in Feng Wu Ji’s eyes!

“You…..You…..You…..”  Gu Liu clearly understood the meaning in his words and said through gritted teeth, “Today I, Gu Liu will take care of all your evildoers and eliminate the demon race!”

“He, he.”  There was a clear laugh that sounded as two ‘ding, ding’ sounds rang and the sky turned dark.

Feng Wu Ji’s slender fingers danced across the strings as a tune that attacked the disciples of the Disturbed Love Sect.

Those with weaker cultivations couldn’t take this ‘God Executing Heart’ and all spat out blood.

“Deserving death!”  Gu Liu roared.  All the elders formed an array and the treasure of the Disturbed Love Sect appeared in the array, attacking in Feng Wu Ji’s direction.

Feng Wu Ji narrowed his cold eyes as a sweet taste appeared in his mouth, which he quickly swallowed back down.

The Disturbed Love Sect really was the Disturbed Love Sect, several elders with weak cultivations gathered in this array and adding in the power of the Reincarnation Mirror, it pushed back his Silver Phoenix Zither.

But he couldn’t retreat.  He didn’t know if Luo Qing Chen was still alive and he couldn’t let Ye Zhi Han escape.

If he were to scatter his primordial spirit back then, would his childhood friend have turned back?

She…..would have still loved Ye Zhi Han like that!

Otherwise with her personality, how could she let him off!

“Interesting.”  Feng Wu Ji pursed his lips and revealed a demonic smile, “Since you are willing to give your life for Ye Zhi Han, then let’s end it together!”

The white light of the Silver Phoenix Zither changed, a dark red glow surrounded the zither, with a trace of blood to it.

“You, you…...You actually……”  Gu Liu’s eyes widened with disbelief as he looked at Feng Wu Ji.  Standing under the moon with his silver hair in the breeze, there was a trace of blood that came from his mouth as the Silver Phoenix Zither released the sounds of hell.

“Old Liu, he wants to use the divine artifact blood sacrifice!”  The other three elders looked at Gu Liu and said, “We will all die here, how about…..How about we give Ye Zhi Han to them!”

“Old San is right, it’s not worth being eliminated for the witch race.  Not to mention that Ye Zhi Han wronged their demon race’s golden daughter first and your disciple…..”

“No!”  Gu Liu gave a determined shake of his head before angrily roaring, “For justice, for the people of the world, this Gu Liu can give up a life.  If Feng Wu Ji dares to sacrifice his blood to his divine artifact, I’ll go with him!”

Luo Qing Chen standing under a camphor tree not far away revealed a taunting smile.  For the people of the world, it truly was laughable…..

She took out the black dress and cloak from her personal storage space.  With a wave of her right hand, her nation collapsing appearance returned.

With a ‘ding’ sound, the Drunken Dreams Sword covered in black light pierced Gu Liu’s formation.

The black feathers filled the sky.  She looked at Feng Wu Ji with narrowed eyes as the red mark appeared on her forehead, with a bit of a golden light around it.

Gu Liu was stunned as everything fell into silence.  Everyone was a bit surprised when they saw Luo Qing Chen, after all, she really was too beautiful.

Under the moon with her cold eyes, it was like everyone step she took shook the world.

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