Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1168: Righteous sect’s demon path monster girl (Part 35)

Some people almost never said sweet words, but when they did say them, it was so sweet that it penetrated people’s hearts.

Dong Zhi Xin should be someone like this.

Due to how serious this was, when Luo Qing Chen left, Ye Zhi Han followed after her.

She wasn’t sure if Ye Zhi Han had seen through her, but she couldn’t hide anything in front of Dong Zhi Xin.

The demon army was located twenty kilometers away and the dark energy was strong.

It was like the barrier was prepared ahead of time, it was hard for members other than the elders of the Disturbed Love Sect to deal with it.

This bunch wanted to deal with demons, they really were too soft!

With a cold wind, Feng Wu Ji sat on a rock as the Silver Phoenix Zither in his hand released a moon white glow.  His silver wind fluttered in the breeze and under the night that was as dark as ink, it was like he was glowing.

Of course, this Feng Wu Ji naturally became a thorn in the eyes of the Disturbed Love Sect elders.

“Demons, quickly cripple yourselves or the Disturbed Love Sect will make you all disappear from the continent tonight!”  Gu Liu’s voice had a strong penetrating force and the tone of a righteous man.

“Oh?”  Feng Wu Ji’s beautiful and elegant face had a faint smile, as his eyes that sparkled like the stars narrowed, “When the heavenly court brought a hundred thousand elites to attack my Demon Shadow Palace, didn’t they still lose?  This old man, are you more powerful than the heavenly emperor?”

Since Luo Qing Chen married Ye Zhi Han, he had been a bit disturbed.

He always thought it was his wishful thinking, so he had been reserved with his worry.

But after the confidant he sent to the witch race brought back news, he wanted to cut Ye Zhi Han’s body into ten thousand pieces!

That girl who he spoiled was actually being treated like this by that scum man…...

If Ye Zhi Han didn’t die, what right did Feng Wu Ji have to say he loved Luo Qing Chen?

“You…..”  Gu Liu’s face was a bit ugly since Feng Wu Ji spoke the truth.

They were only a group of cultivators, they had to deal with a leader of the demons and also ten thousand demon soldiers.

“I’ll say it one last time, I only want Ye Zhi Han.”  Feng Wu Ji’s eyes were cold, making him look strangely handsome under the moon.

It was like if you took an extra look, you would fall to this mysterious youth.

“Feng Wu Ji, since chief Ye is our Disturbed Love Sect’s honoured guest.”  Gu Liu pointed his spiritual sword at him, “We definitely will not give him to you!”

“Ha, ha, ha!”  Feng Wu Ji laughed into the sky, “Chief?  Honoured guest?  Your Disturbed Love Sect is a place for guilty men and mistresses?”

“What nonsense are you speaking!”

“It seems like you still don’t know!”  Feng Wu Ji narrowed his cold eyes as a chill came from him.  He slightly pursed his lips as he said, “Since you wanted to separate the demon race and the witch race, you had your disciple do unscrupulous things with Ye Zhi Han, can you still hold your old face up?”

“Humph!”  Gu Liu naturally knew about the matter between Xia Mo Xing and Ye Zhi Han.  He just gave a cold snort as he said, “It was your demon race’s daughter that secluded chief Ye first, my disciple was just doing her duty.  It was a pity that the demon girl didn’t die.”

“Good, good, good!”  Feng Wu Ji’s eyes were filled with rage and the Silver Phoenix Zither was covered in white light, “The righteous people are saying things like this, they can actually sound this righteous.  It is no wonder that you threw away your wife and daughter in the lower realm and can still act this honourable!”

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