Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1165: Righteous sect’s demon path monster girl (Part 32)

Xia Mo Xing’s face was pale at this moment.  She intentionally looked over at Dong Zhi Xin and found that he was just getting dishes for his disciple.

She didn’t care at all about her act just now.

She gritted her teeth and took a deep breath, “Chief Ye is correct, I recognized the wrong person.”

“Un humph?”  Ye Zhi Han gave a cold snort, “It seems like the disciples of the Disturbed Love Sect are worse than the rumours.”


The elders heard this and they all looked very awkward.

When Gu Liu was about to say something to ease the tension, there was a dark red glow that filled the sky.

With the faint rhythmic sound that came, Luo Qing Chen’s fingers trembled as a sparkle appeared in her eyes.

The disciples who were guarding the gates tonight quickly flew in on their words, “Reporting to the sect master, the demons have gathered twenty kilometers away from the Disturbed Love Sect.  The demons sent someone to inform us that they have already destroyed the witch race and they want us to hand….over chief Ye.”

“Those demons dare come to our Disturbed Love Sect, I’ll use this as a pretext to kill them and not leave a single bit of them.”  Gu Liu immediately took out a sword and everyone brought out their weapons as they prepared to fight to the death.

Dong Zhi Xin casually sipped his tea, “Didn’t you hear what he just said?  It seems like they are here for chief Ye.”

When Dong Zhi Xin said this, Ye Zhi Han’s face looked a bit ugly.

He never expected the matters between him and Luo Qing Chen to reach the demon race this quickly and he never expected Feng Wu Ji to attack the witch race.

The witch race was easily defeated, so it seemed like he wanted to take revenge for her after learning of Luo Qing Chen’s matter…..

When he thought of this, he couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable.

After all, that man named Feng Wu Ji dared to openly steal his bride on the day of his wedding.

He was already vaguely concerned then and when he heard this name now, he was even more concerned.

“Sect master, Gu Liu requests to join the fight.”

“Sect master, Bai Luo requests to join the fight.”

“Sect master, San Tu requests to join the fight.”


Hearing the word demon, all these righteous people felt the need to ‘eliminate all demons in this world’.

But this sense of justice was laughable in Dong Zhi Xin’s eyes…...

“If you want to go, then go!”  Dong Zhi Xin lazily narrowed his eyes, “But before going out, don’t you want to hear from chief Ye why the demon race that has always been friendly with the witch race would suddenly attack them?  Don’t you think that there is something we don’t know?”

As the only god, he wanted to first learn the ‘deep hatred’ between Ye Zhi Han and Feng Wu Ji.

The demon race even took the risk of being attacked by the heavenly court to destroy the witch race!

It had to be known, although the demon race succeeded today, they would be greatly damaged.

At this time, they dared to come request the Disturbed Love Sect to hand over Ye Zhi Han.  This showed just how important the number one beauty of the Harmony Continent, Ye Zhi Han’s previous wife…..was in Feng Wu Ji’s heart.

“This…...The demons have always been evil.  The witch race must have offended them for them to act this unscrupulous!”  One of the elders couldn’t wait to eliminate the demon, so he spoke up.

“Sect master, elders.”  Ye Zhi Han gave a long sigh.  His deep eyes were still on Luo Qing Chen as he slowly said, “It’s my witch race that has wronged the demon race, I was the one who wronged my wife, so I should go with them.  I miss her, very much so that it kills me……”

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