Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1162: Righteous sect’s demon path monster girl (Part 29)

The divination table wouldn’t be wrong, Luo Qing Chen was definitely here.

But he first saw another woman that had hurt his heart.

Xia Mo Xing walked in front of him and seeing his deep eyes, she couldn’t help lowering her heart.

“Chief Ye is too polite.”  Gu Liu poured him a cup of wine, “Now that the witch race is willing to be with our Disturbed Love Sect, this is what the heavenly court and the people want to see.”

“Heavenly court.”  Ye Zhi Han gave a chuckle, “Being friendly with the Disturbed Love Sect doesn’t mean being friendly with the heavenly court.”


The elders looked at each other, looking a bit awkward.

Ye Zhi Han drank the wine in his hands, “The schemes of the people under the Western Queen Mother is not something this Ye could appreciate…...”

After saying this, his eyes fell onto Xia Mo Xing as he said, “Don’t you think so, miss Xia?”

“Ai, little sister Mo Xing, you also know the witch race’s chief!”

“So handsome!  You really are a capable person!  Do you know everyone?”

“So envious, so envious, have you been acquainted with chief Ye for long?  He really is too good looking!”

“Lue, lue, lue, I still think that our sect master is the number one handsome man on the Harmony Continent!”


When Ye Zhi Han’s voice fell, everyone began gossiping.

Gu Liu on the side looked at him and asked, “Does chief Ye know my disciple?”

“I wished that I never met her.”  Ye Zhi Han’s eyes were cold and filled with disdain as the memories came back in his mind.

Since Luo Qing Chen left the witch race, Xia Mo Xing had completely ignored him because he had crippled her.

He felt very guilty since he had wronged Xia Mo Xing, so he should take care of her for the rest of her life.

Therefore, no matter how unreasonable she was to him or ridiculed him,

He would stay by her side to take care of and protect her, never leaving.

But he didn’t know later that she left alone.  He quickly went to the divination table to find that she had used the god race’s item to contact the Western Queen Mother and had returned to the heavenly court.

Then he learned of various things.

Xia Mo Xing had been lying to him since the beginning, acting from the beginning in the lower realm.

This act had made him lose the one who had deeply loved him, the wife that had stood by his side.

“Chief Ye…...Chief Ye……”

Gu Liu called out before he came back to his senses.

Seeing that all the new disciples were seated, her slightly knit his brows in doubt, “Elder Liu, are these all the new disciples of the Disturbed Love Sect this time?”

Gu Liu was surprised as he asked back in a confused voice, “Does chief Ye know someone from among them?”

“It’s nothing.”  Ye Zhi Han gave a chuckle, “It’s just that it’s said that there are many lower realm cultivators that come to the Disturbed Love Sect each year, I never thought that it would be this few.”

“Ke, ke.”  Gu Liu cleared his throat and said with a bit of pride, “There are many people that come to the Disturbed Love Sect, but very few pass the five tests to become a disciple.  Only around 1% of people pass the first tests!”

Gu Liu’s voice fell and there was a light blue glow in the sky.  There was a faint scent of cherry blossoms and a unique aura that normal people couldn’t exude.

Everyone immediately stood up, “Greetings to the sect master!”

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