Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1160: Righteous sect’s demon path monster girl (Part 27)

The contents of the rumours went as the following.

“Did you hear?  The sect master is personally teaching Xiao Qing and said that she could become an immortal from crossing a single tribulation!”

“I did!  I’m so jealous!”  I even heard that whatever Xiao Qing wants to eat, the sect master would have the kitchens make it!  If they can’t, he’ll go to the lower realm to buy it!”

“Ah, ah, ah, the sect master…..It can’t be the sect master likes Xiao Qing, right!”

“But…...But Xiao Qing doesn’t look good at all!  The sect master’s appearance is something that few men on the Harmony Continent can match!”

“Right, right!  Not to mention that he is the only god in this world!”


These rumours naturally fell onto Xia Mo Xing’s ears and the sword in the hand stabbed right into the ground as her eyes filled with panic.

Mu Hua Hua had a very happy smile as she stood on the side.  She looked at Xia Mo Xing with a smile and said, “The sect master has good eyes!  Just like me!”

“I don’t believe it!  I don’t believe it!”  Xia Mo Xing bit her lip and said, “These must be rumours spread by that ugly girl, only fools would believe them!”

She didn’t believe it, not a single word!

That girl named Xiao Qing was so ugly, how could someone like Dong Zhi Xin like her?

Impossible!  If they were talking about beauty, if she called herself the number one beauty in the Disturbed Love Sect, who could dare call themself the second!  That ugly girl, she had to be the ugliest girl in the Disturbed Love Sect!

That person, it was definitely impossible!

“Humph!  You are just lying to yourself!”  Mu Hua Hua rolled her eyes at her in disdain, “This was something the senior brothers have personally seen, how could it be spread by our Xiao Qing!”

“You, shut up for me!”  Xia Mo Xing angrily pulled the sword from the ground and pointed it at Mu Hua Hua, “Stop speaking nonsense, it’s not true if I say it isn’t true!”

“What a joke!”  Mu Hua Hua pulled out the Thousand Piercing Zither with her right hand, “Want to fight!  Come, who’s afraid of you!  I’ll lose if I even take a single step back!”

“What are you arguing for!”  When the two were about to fight, Gu Liu came over with his hands behind his back and he looked at them, “It looks like you’re not planning on learning, why don’t you just leave this mountain!”

“Master.”  Although the two were unwilling, they immediately kneeled down when they heard this, “This disciple knows their wrongs!”

“Do you know why you came to the Disturbed Love Sect?  If it wasn’t to cultivate to become immortals, I urge you to leave now and stop disturbing the studies of the other disciples!”

As soon as his voice fell, his eyes fell onto Mu Hua Hua.  With a flip of his sleeve, he turned to leave.

The elders of the peaks didn’t believe these rumours, but recently there had been more food delivered to the Disturbed Love Hall.

These things definitely weren’t things the sect master loved.  His two best disciples were out in the lower realm exterminating evil, so it was only possible that it was for Xiao Qing who had just entered the sect.


But who was Dong Zhi Xin, it really made it hard for people to believe.


At the same time, in the witch clan.

The chief’s room was filled with the scent of alcohol and Ye Zhi Han’s eyes were filled with deathly silence.

He never would have thought that Xia Mo Xing had been lying to him since the beginning…..

Just to break up him and Luo Qing Chen…...

His mind was filled with the time he spent with Luo Qing Chen in the mortal world, as well as what she did on the day of the tribulation…...

There was this kind of girl by his side, but he didn’t treasure her.

Now there was only regret.

He closed his eyes and took his wine, as he went to the divination table.

The star orbs turned and his right hand divined, writing the words Luo Qing Chen.

After a few seconds, the place that appeared was the Disturbed Love Sect.

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