My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 116.1: Back to Haotian Realm

The waves were calm but Jing Yue’s heart wasn’t.

—Ji-ji was actually not here? According to his understanding of blue phoenix, it should have been waiting here these past few days, waiting like a lovelorn phoenix, crying and acting like a baby when it saw him.

But this was Haotian Realm. Jing Yue closed his eyes to sense it, and couldn’t help but laugh.

So in the blink of an eye, he disappeared from the place and appeared at the foot of Flying Blossoms Mountain.

At this time, in Mini Frostcloud Sect, blue phoenix was lying on the bed and flipping through a stack of paper. On the small table next to the bed were a plate of melon seeds and a cup of spiritual tea.

It was very focused, the beady eyes not even blinking, occasionally pecking a melon seed from the plate, or taking a sip of spiritual tea, feeling good.

After a while, blue phoenix folded the paper, and there was a line in the center of the first page in big letters written with a brush— <The Domineering Daoist Master’s Imprisoned Love: Jing Yuan's Heavenly Pet>, with a few bigger words underneath it—Author: Lan Ji-ji.

(TN: Lan = blue)

The handwriting was crooked, as though bitten by a dog, barely legible.

Blue phoenix sighed wistfully and rolled over like a dead fish. Pillowed in the soft bedding, it recalled the plot of the book, and silently shed phoenix tears.

Yes, the ‘Heavenly Pet’ was of course the work of the blue phoenix. It was almost three years since it was captured to Flying Blossoms Mountain. During this period, it tried to escape countless times but was always captured back. Later, seeing that it was making a lot of noises, the Long brothers simply sent a few disciples to accompany it to stand guard over the stone door in the Inner Sea, but blue phoenix waited for another 2,190 autumns, and still no sign of Jing-jing.

One day, a violent wind and huge waves suddenly set off in the inner sea, and a flash of lightning struck as if going straight into blue phoenix’s brain. It was suddenly full of inspiration and thoughts, and immediately decided to write a masterpiece, so that the story between it and Jing-jing would be passed down to the world forever!

So, the blue phoenix took the initiative to return to Flying Blossoms Mountain, locked itself in Jing-jing’s room to write furiously for seven or eight months, and today, it finally finished its masterpiece!

The blue phoenix was still mesmerized in the plot of its choreography when suddenly, it turned its little head around, jumped up, and flew out with wings flapping!

Jing Yue walked leisurely on the mountain path, all the familiar sights in his eyes awakened his memories of the past, which included him, Ji-ji, and Qin Yanzhi at that time.

Cheep, cheep!

With the chirps of a chicken, blue phoenix pounced into his arms.

“Jing-jing! Jing-jing-jing-jing-jing! You finally came to fetch Ji-ji! Ji-ji misses you so much, all the time!”

Jing Yue saw that blue phoenix was still chubby and knew it was doing well, so he teased it, “They say longing will turn into a disease. The more you think about it, the thinner you get. Why are you still fat?”

Blue phoenix froze. “No, Ji-ji isn’t fat! My feathers just grew longer!”

Jing Yue, “…”

Blue phoenix had something on its mind and didn’t make an oath like he used to. Instead, it tried to ask for credit, “Jing-jing, Ji-ji has a gift for you!”


“Come with Ji-ji!”

A human and a phoenix soon returned to the sect, which of course drew a gasp of surprise as the disciples cried tears of joy and ran around, clustering around Jing Yue to the main hall.

Nowadays, as the top school in Haotian Realm, Mini Frostcloud Sect had over 40,000 disciples, many of whom had never seen the sect leader, and they were so excited to the point of having a heart attack.

Although blue phoenix felt a little proud, it still wanted to show Jing-jing the gift, so it clawed Jing Yue’s wide sleeves and tried to pull Jing Yue away.

Jing Yue knew its intentions but deliberately ignored it, chatting with the crowd patiently instead.

When he learned that many of the disciples in the sect had already built their foundations, he was satisfied and said to the disciples of Frostcloud Sect on rotational duty, “In the future, if there are any outstanding disciples in Mini Frostcloud Sect, you can bring them to the main sect.”

When these words came out, Gui Sheng and Song Xiaobao, who had the highest cultivation level, had a burning fire in their eyes. They were already mid-level Foundation Establishment stage and thought they would have to wait until Amethyst Abode to go to the World of Seven Continents, but they didn't expect the opportunity to come so soon. Everyone knew about the World of Seven Continents now. Although not as comfortable as Haotian Realm, and with greater dangers, the chances were obviously greater too.

Jing Yue encouraged everyone and asked, “Where is Elder Tian Luo?”

Gui Sheng, “Since the exchange with Wu Chen-zhenren, Elder Tian Luo felt that he had a breakthrough opportunity. He has been in seclusion for 40 years now.”

After making a prediction, Jing Yue found that Daoist Tian Luo would soon ascend to the absolute level Golden Core and extend his life by another 300 years. He said happily, “All of you did well.”

At this time, Song Xiaobao suddenly asked, “Why didn't Shishu come back? Is he okay?”

Jing Yue smiled and said gently, “He’s doing very well too.”

When the sun had set in the west, the main hall disciples finally dispersed. Blue phoenix had already wilted into a dried flower at this time and had long lost the interest in the daytime.

Jing Yue was amused, and asked, “Aren't you giving me a gift?”

“Of course!” Blue phoenix immediately hugged Jing Yue's neck and asked Jing-jing to take it back to the room.

When blue phoenix presented the manuscript that he had worked so hard on, Jing Yue only felt a vague ache in his head. Amid blue phoenix’s expectant gaze, he reluctantly flipped through a few pages.

To be honest, the plot had its twists and turns, the emotions were abundant, and the words were refined, but…

“What does it mean that my eyes are hot as fire and I want to eat you alive?”

“What does it mean that I built a golden cage for you to imprison you forever?”

“And what is a substitute Ji-ji?”

In just a few short pages, Jing Yue was full of complaints and didn’t want to say more.

Blue phoenix spoke matter-of-factly, “This is drama buildup. Jing-jing, don’t you feel a heartache for Ji-ji who has tortured the body and soul for this?”

Jing Yue, “I feel a headache.”

After that, he caught hold of Ji-ji and threw it into the Sumeru ring. He left Flying Blossoms Mountain in a blink of an eye and teleported back to the World of Seven Continents via the stone door.

Blue phoenix sat inside the Sumeru ring and said angrily, “How dare you say that you didn’t imprison Ji-ji. Hmph!”

But Jing Yue ignored it. Seeing Qin Yanzhi still waiting in the cold water, he apologized, “Sorry for the long delay.”

Qin Yanzhi smiled and took the lead to swim upstream. Now that the altar had collapsed and the space no longer existed, Yao Lake could naturally lead straight to the Misty Forest.

When the two went ashore, they thought someone would be on guard here, but they didn’t see a single figure on the shore. They looked at each other suspiciously, and Jing Yue said, “Did we stay for too long? Three years have passed in the Haotian Realm, and the flow rate of time is different in the World of Seven Continents, so I don't know how much time has passed.”

Qin Yanzhi, “Although the flow rate is different, the Haotian Realm as a whole is faster than here. In such a short time, they can't have given up the search.”

Jing Yue, “Did something happen then?”

He remembered the bizarre actions of the demonic cultivators in the Blackwood Forest back then and felt uneasy. “Let’s go. We need to go back quickly.”

As soon as the two of them got out of the Blackwood Forest, they immediately received a distress signal from all the camps. Of course, the signal was not sent to them, but all cultivators in the Misty Forest could receive it. Obviously something big had happened.

Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi went their separate ways and hurried to the positions guarded by their respective sects.

Before reaching the bottom of Yao Detention Mountain, Jing Yue heard the sound of fighting, and he was even more anxious. Along the way, not only did he not see anyone, but he didn't even see a monster. Could it be that the human race was fighting with the Yao race?

Unfortunate predictions often came true. As soon as he reached the foot of the mountain, Jing Yue saw a dense crowd of monsters gathered here, fighting against the disciples of Frostcloud Sect.

A crocodile flicked its tail and sent a disciple flying, none other than Fang Jiaxuan, who was on the same team as Gu Xia.

With a crack, Fang Jiaxuan's spine broke and he fell to the ground, unable to get up, but his eyes were still filled with anger, and he controlled his flying sword to slash at the crocodile monster.

The crocodile was in pain but didn’t hurt the vitals. It opened its bloody mouth and bit at Fang Jiaxuan.

Fang Jiaxuan was unable to dodge and could only reach out to block the attack. Seeing that one of his arms was about to be scrapped, the crocodile Yao fell to the ground with a bang, with an ice spike stuck in its head, already dead.


Fang Jiaxuan saw that it was Jing Yue and burst into tears. Even a man would feel sad at times.

“Laozu, Lurking Ghost Sect joined forces with the Yao race to attack and kill our fellow disciples of the righteous path. The camp is about to fall, and Hong Li-zhenren and Yan Qi-zhenren have died in battle!”

“What?” Jing Yue was extremely shocked. Although he guessed that something major had happened in the camp, he didn't expect the demonic Dao to join forces with the Yao race, and that two golden core cultivators from Frostcloud Sect had perished. For thousands of years, they had never suffered such a big loss!

Another nearby disciple said sadly, “A Yao King from the Yao race has arrived, and the Lurking Ghost Sect has sent out two Amethyst Abode cultivators. Now that three days have passed, I’m afraid that Elder Wu Chen can’t hold on any longer!”

Jing Yue's heart raged, almost bursting. How dare Lurking Ghost Sect?

It should be known that the human race shared the same fortune, so when it came to fighting against the Yao race, the righteous path joined forces with the demonic path. Cooperating with the Yao race was tantamount to self-destruction. Was the demonic path tired of living?

Jing Yue looked at the ground full of corpses, some of Yao beasts and others of fellow disciples. Blood stained the land and red killing intent also spread in his eyes.

Flying snow gathered around him and frost spread under his feet. As soon as Jing Yue raised his hand, explosive spiritual energy gushed out. A radius of ten miles froze in an instant, and countless hail the size of rocks crushed the Yao beasts heavily.

Most of the beasts here were small monsters and couldn’t withstand an attack from a golden core. They fled frantically, but saw countless ice arrows shooting from all directions!

For a while, the monsters howled in horror. Disciples of Frostcloud Sect seized the time to harvest their lives, but Jing Yue released the blue phoenix. “Ji-ji, you stay here to heal the sect disciples. I have to rush back to the camp!”

The blue phoenix, which was still in a daze, looked at the hellish scene in front of it and was stunned, but after listening to Jing-jing's words, it nodded reluctantly.

Although it didn't want to be separated from Jing-jing at all, it knew what Jing-jing needed most at this moment.

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