Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1158: Righteous sect’s demon path monster girl (Part 25)

“Xiao Qing, come to the Destiny Stage.”

With a night breeze, there was a faint cherry blossom scent in the air.

She walked towards the Destiny Stage step by step as her eyes trembled.

It wasn’t that she was afraid of being assigned to peak, rather those eyes that looked at her deeply made her a bit nervous.

Standing on the Destiny Stage, there was a faint blue and white light that appeared around her.

Jiao Zi couldn’t help bursting into laughter, “That person, Mu Hua Hua, do you see it, she’s in the same peak as you!  The colour is around the same, you sisters really have fate!”

Mu Hua Hua tightly bit her lip and wanted to refute this, but she didn’t know what to say.

Until there was a nine sided star that appeared on the Destiny Stone, the blue and white light changed into a dazzling white light.

The elders were all stunned as they turned to Dong Zhi Xin.

There were three words on the Destiny Stone: Disturbed Love Hall.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 40%.]

“God!  How is this possible”!

“Sect…...Sect master!”

“So powerful, she’s actually the sect master’s disciple.”


“Ha, ha, ha!”  Mu Hua Hua softly laughed at Jiao Zi beside her, “This really is a joke!  Our Xiao Qing is under the sect master, it can’t be compared to your peak!”

“You……”  Jiao Zi’s face turned red in rage as she pointed at Mu Hua Hua, “You shut up for me!”

She never would have expected that this normal looking cultivation who wasn’t even an orthodox cultivator could enter the Disturbed Love Hall…..

How…...How was this possible…...

“So what if I don’t shut up, will you hit me?”  Mu Hua Hua loudly said, “I love seeing you wanting to beat me, but you aren’t able to do so!”

“I don’t believe, I don’t believe……”  Xia Mo Xing kept shaking her head.  She took a step back and muttered, “Impossible…...Impossible……”

“Now you seem quite calm!”  Mu Hua Hua shook her head and said, “There’s another one who doesn’t seem normal!”

The elders looked at each other before Gu Liu stood out to say, “Since ancient times, the Destiny Stone has never written the words Disturbed Love Hall.  The sect master’s two disciples were also chosen from the mortal world.  How about we let Xiao Qing start over?”

After all, if there wasn’t permission from the sect master Dong Zhi Xin, the Disturbed Love Sect wouldn’t take any disciples.  Not to mention female disciples.

The entire Disturbed Love Sect knew that for the sect master ot reach the eternal realm, he had already made his name when he cut off his emotions on the Three Life Stone near the Magpie Bridge.

He had no desires and no emotions, this kind of person wouldn’t even like women!

Jiao Zi and Xia Mo Xing heard Gu Liu’s words and they nodded desperately.  It was like they were silently hoping that the Destiny Stone would put Luo Qing Chen to a peak.

But that was impossible…...

Because Dong Zhi Xin was the one who arranged for Luo Qing Chen to go to the Disturbed Love Hall, how could he let her go anywhere else?

He only did this because he didn’t want her to go anywhere else.

This was the first time he went against heaven since becoming a god, he didn’t know what backlash he would receive from this.

“No need.”  There was a faint sparkle in his deep eyes as he said, “Since this is destiny, there’s nothing wrong with accepting a disciple.”

“This……”  Gu Liu lowered his head and said, “Yes, sect master!”

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