Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1156: Righteous sect’s demon path monster girl (Part 23)

The next morning, the twenty three new disciples of the Disturbed Love Sect would have their peak chosen by the Destiny Stone.

Since ancient times, the Destiny Stone had been the benchmark for the Disturbed Love Sect, determining the dao of people after they began cultivating.

Either crossing their tribulation to become an immortal or being a cultivator forever.

It had to be known that although the lifespan of cultivators were longer than mortals, it wasn’t longer by much.

The bodies of mortals always had an end, but becoming an immortal can extend that by tens of thousands of years.

Before the ceremony began, those so-called orthodox cultivators began chatting.

Among them, the ones who were the loudest were Jiao Zi and Xia Mo Xing.

Luo Qing Chen found it very funny.  Those two were just fighting the other day, but now they had become sisters with the same hatred.

If she didn’t see this, she never would have believed that there were such shameless people in the world!

“Ai, isn’t that the person who’s rumoured to be related to elder Gu Liu?”  Jiao Zi looked around and continued after seeing there were no elders, “You really think that you’re powerful in stopping the Thousand Piercing Zither, you actually came in through the back door!”

Xia Mo Xing immediately said, “That’s right!  If you didn’t come in through the back door, you might not have even made it past the first level!  You really are insects of the Disturbed Love Sect, shameless!”

Luo Qing Chen gave a cold snort.  When she was about to say something, Mu Hua Hua charged out in front of her!

“It really is a joke, people who aren’t strong enough really are good at speaking!”  Mu Hua Hua rolled her eyes at them, “Even if the Thousand Piercing Zither didn’t attack me because of our relationship, Xiao Qing still managed to reach the eighth level.  Not like a certain person who couldn’t even withstand the third level and almost died!”

“You!”  Xia Mo Xing bit her lip and said in an unwilling voice, “I’m less than her?  Such an ugly cultivator?  Do you really think that cultivating will make you look good?”

She hated ugly girls the most in this life.  She had stepped over the ‘Harmony Continent’s most beautiful girl’ and had stolen the man that she loved the most.

But now these two ugly people wanted to show off in front of her!

In their!


“You say it like you look good!”  Mu Hua Hua weakly said in her defense.

After all, she wasn’t Xia Mo Xing, she couldn’t speak nonsense like her!

She and Xiao Qing didn’t look as good as Xia Mo Xing, but that didn’t mean that she could openly bully people like this.

This was the Disturbed Love Sect, not a brothel, what did it matter if she looked good.

Spiritual skills meant everything as a cultivator!

“Mu Hua Hua, come to the Destiny Stage.”  The senior brother’s voice came from the stage.

Mu Hua Hua looked at him and nervously walked up to the Destiny Stage.

There was a faint blue light around her as the character on the Destiny Stone gradually became clear.

After a few seconds, a ‘six’ character appeared.

Gu Liu closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh of relief as a look of joy flashed in his eyes.

But Mu Hua Hua didn’t seem that happy.

Jiao Zi’s group murmured a few things that didn’t sound good.

“She can only go to the sixth peak with her skills.”

“Such trash, I went to the first peak!  The first uncle master is so handsome!”


“Xia Mo Xing, come to the Destiny Stage.”

Xia Mo Xing’s eyes fell onto Dong Zhi Xin.  She walked to the Destiny Stage like a young miss with a smile in her eyes.

If she could go to the Disturbed Love Hall, how good that would be…...

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