Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1146: Righteous sect’s demon path monster girl (Part 13)

“Where is this place?”  There was a flash of light around them before snowflakes slowly fell down, it was completely different from the Land of Forgotten Rivers just now.

“This should be…..your dream.”  Dong Zhi Xin narrowed his eyes.  The Nine Star Sword came back to his hand and he said in a cool voice, “This can also be considered your obsession.”

Luo Qing Chen knit her brows, she was completely unfamiliar with the scene in front of her.

Almost nothing appeared in her dream, it just kept snowing.  The snow never melted until a shy flower bloomed on the cliff of the other side, opening bit by bit.

Wherever it went, it brought misery and disaster.

“Your obsession is very boring.”  Dong Zhi Xin’s lips curled into a faint smile.

Without knowing why, he was a bit nervous when he saw her dream.  He was afraid that he would see someone who shouldn’t appear.

But it seemed like…...that didn’t happen.

He raised the sword in his right hand and a nine sided star with a white glow appeared from the Nine Star Sword.

The sky was filled with golden light and the illusion was scattered!

“You…...You could actually break the Blood Demon Illusion Array so easily!”  Luo Qing Chen looked at Dong Zhi Xin in disbelief.  After all, the previous host knew how powerful the Blood Demon Illusion Array was.

Although she had never entered Feng Wu Ji’s Blood Demon Illusion Array, she knew that Feng Wu Ji had become one of Luo Zhu Xin’s hands with this array and became one that stood above ten thousand in the Demon Shadow Palace.

In the war between gods and demons a thousand years ago, it was unknown how many righteous path cultivators he killed with this array.

But Dong Zhi Xin hadn’t participated in that war.

Everything around them returned to normal and the sky gradually opened, as the demon power dissipated.

There was only a small dark area covered in the barrier.  It seemed like the people Luo Yao Yue locked up were in there.

“The Nine Star Sword is the nemesis of illusions, the star can be drawn into an array and the illusion will break.”  He walked over a transparent sword in front of them which protected them.

“Then why didn’t you break it a bit sooner?”  Luo Qing Chen asked in a confused voice.

He could clearly break the array as soon as he entered, so why did he wait?

Dong Zhi Xin’s eyes had a faint sparkle as he looked at her, “The snow was very beautiful.”

Actually, he was just a bit selfish and wanted to see what her obsession was.

At the same time, in the Stone Valley.

This was the only place with a barrier left.

Feng Wu Ji sat down to reinforce Luo Yao Yue’s barriers while Bu Ying came over to help Luo Yao Yue recover.

“Yue’er, the cultivators can’t be touched!”  Bu Ying healed her as he said this.

“Why, now that big brother Wu Ji is here…..Ke, ke, ke…..We have the ability to fight them!  Not to mention, aren’t they still in the array?  How could the Blood Magic Illusion Array be broken so easily!”  Luo Yao Yue didn’t want to give up.  Although Dong Zhi Xin had easily defeated her just now, it was because she wasn’t familiar with the enemy and was caught off guard…...

“Impossible.”  Feng Wu Ji slowly came in with knitted brows, “Dong Zhi Xin is the only person in the cultivator world who has crossed the tribulation to become a god, it would take him less than a minute to break my array.”


“Yue’er, why are you doing this?”  Feng Wu Ji looked up with a bit of dissatisfaction, “Do you know that if I didn’t happen to pass by, you and Bu Ying might have had your primordial spirits scattered!”

Feng Wu Ji definitely wasn’t scaring them, he was very clear on how terrifying the sect master of the Disturbed Love Sect Dong Zhi Xin was!

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